The Thames At War Tour

The Thames At War Tour

Windsor Maidenhead Boat Company

Available to 17 January 2022
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Step back in time and walk aboard our Thames at War cruise.

As you board you will be taken back to the atmosphere of World War II with our victory-themed vessel even down to the tape on the windows. The Captain and Sergeant in charge of the vessel shall welcome you aboard.

Also, the live wartime commentary will inform you of wartime facts about this iconic water highway and the local surrounding area. Keep your eyes peeled for the Windsor Hurricane! This full-sized replica stands as a reminder that Windsor remains protected and defends the Thames at war. Enjoy the small onboard collection of wartime items.

Why not tuck into something hearty? Indulge in sausage meatloaf with mashed potato and gravy or vegetable turnover with baby new potatoes and parsley. Top that off with the classic jam roly-poly with custard.

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