Explore the best days out and places to see in Dorset

9 May 2023

Dorset is a small but special county in the South-West that's got everything you need for a family day out!

The main location of the world-renowned Jurassic Coast, Dorset is known for it's prehistoric history and beautiful beaches. 

All this and more makes Dorset is a great place to visit for families, outdoor-enthusiasts, nature-lovers and anyone looking for an amazing day out. 

Family fun in Dorset

From lively aquariums of seals and sharks, to beautiful beach trains of seasides and sunshine, Dorset is certainly not short on days out for families. 

Jurassic days out

We can't visit Jurassic Park just yet, but Dorset's Jurassic coast certainly has an effect at igniting your dino-imaginations to life! 

There's so many days out for kids and dino-lovers in Dorset's section of the Jurassic Coast, here's a couple of Tyrannosaur-sized days out in Dorset. 

Dorset cruises

There's nothing better than a cruise on the Dorset seaside in the beautiful sunny seas. These cruises in Dorset will show you the best of the Jurassic Coast from the seas. 

Free days out in Dorset

Adventure into Dorset's great outdoors to beaches, woodlands, historic sites and more. There's so many places to see in Dorset that you don't want to miss out on.