If you love Bath - we've got just the book for you

14 April 2022

Your perfect Bath souvenir 

The perfect souvenir for your visit to Bath. These immersive novels will take you deep into the heart of the beautiful city.

The Westcott Chronicles of Bath

From bestselling local author, Douglas Westcott, The Westcott Chronicles is the spellbinding fictional trilogy that reveals the story of Bath behind its beautiful architectural facades.

A post-war social tale of the city, follow protagonist Ian Morris as you learn about the real Bath saga unknown in the history books.

An unmissable story

Go Swift & Far is a sweeping coming-of-age saga that exposes the deceit and hypocrisy lurking behind the genteel facades of the famous City of Bath.

Born in the wartime German raids on the city in the Spring of 1942, an orphan boy, alone and destitute, is determined to survive.

The city is immersed in a cycle of greed, abuse of privilege, corruption and demolition as it struggles out of post-war gloom and austerity. Demolish and rebuild or preserve and protect at all costs?

The boy, now a man, is bent on success and wealth, whatever the personal sacrifice and cost to England’s finest Georgian city.

Luckily, Westcott’s second book is already out, with the third on the way – so you don't have to wait long to see how the story ends.

Get your signed copy for only £7.99

Signed copies are available from Waterstones on Milsom Street in Bath. Or you can order by phone now on 02080 505682 and delivery will be arranged for you. Alternatively, please email [email protected]


‘An unmissable Bath story’

Bath Life


‘A great yarn. Douglas Westcott is a natural storyteller who very successfully weaves Bath’s history into a page-turning tale’

Michael Symons


‘A real page-turner with a cast of colourful characters and gems of cultural interest about the wonderful and surprising city of Bath’

NB Magazine