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Take a flight to the skies and see Brighton and Sussex from a birds' eye view when you slowly cruise up the 450ft high Brighton i360 Tower in the heart of Brighton City Centre.

What is the British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton?

See Brighton and Sussex as you've never seen the before with the Brighton Tower! Enjoy the 150m+ vertical pier that's been praised as 'world-class, stunning architecture'.

With 450ft of height, 360° views of up to 26 miles and a fully enclosed, aerodynamically-shaped, futuristic glass-viewing pod with room for up to 200 visitors, the Brighton Tower is easily one of the most impressive tourist attractions in the UK. 

During the evening, the Brighton Tower transforms into the Sky Bar - the most unique bar in the UK! - whilst the base of the building includes a stylish brasserie, heritage tea rooms housed in an 1866 West Pier toll booth, a shop and fully flexible hospitality rooms. 

Experience Brighton's best views from on board the Brighton i360

Viewed from the outside, the Brighton i360 Tower is a spectacular sight. It's visionary, daring, ingenious, eccentric, exuberant and most importantly, tall. Very, very tall...

  • Discover and explore up and down the tower while enjoying unobstructed panoramic views from start to finish
  • Enjoy unique views of Brighton's skyline as you take on one of the most exciting attractions in Brighton and Hove
  • Enter the glass-viewing pod to enjoy 360° views of the sea, beach, the sky, the South Downs, and the hustle and bustle of the city below
  • Spend your time spotting Brighton's sights from atop the i360, from artwork on rooftops, windfarms and the expansive stretch of coast all the way from Seven Sisters cliffs to the Isle of Wight
  • Enjoy the spaciously-decked area and see sweeping views across Brighton's famous seaside
  • Nyetimber Sky Bar: Enjoy a glass of bubbles with a view and choose from a great selection of drinks and nibbles
  • Back on the ground, you can learn how to i360 was built with a free exhibition
  • After your day with i360, take a stroll along the beach and sample Brighton's finest eateries

What experiences are there at Brighton's i360 Tower?

Visit Brighton i360 tower and enjoy a range of activities, courses and experiences - all located inside the beautiful manmade tower that overlooks the stunning city:

  • Timed Ticket: Experience Brighton's best view with a 25-minute timeslot and access the stunning Sky Bar.
  • Anytime Entry: Enjoy access to the Sky Bar and the most beautiful of Brighton's views with this flexible entry ticket.
  • Timed Sparkling Wine Experience: Includes access to the Brighton i360 during a specific timeslot and receive any drink from the Nyetimber Sky Bar!
  • Anytime Sparkling Wine Experience: Visit Brighton i360 on your own schedule and enjoy a delicious drink from the famous Nyetimber Sky Bar upon arrival.
  • Timed Sky Bar i360: Gain a specific timeslot to the Brighton Tower and enjoy any drink from the Nyetimber Sky Bar - including award-winning English sparkling wine.
  • Anytime Sky Bar i360: Enjoy anytime access to the Brighton i360 tower and enjoy a complimentary drink, including award-winning wine, Brighton Gin & Tonic, cocktails and more!
  • Walk i360: Enjoy the brand-new thrill-seeking experience and walk on top of the iconic pods!
  • Anytime Skate 360: Get your skates on at the brand-new open-air Roller Rink overlooking the beautiful West Pier.
  • Timed Cream Tea: Discover Brighton from new heights before indulging in quintessentially British Cream Tea besides the sea!

Book Brighton i360 Tower tickets now and experience one of the best attractions in Brighton!

Timed Ticket - Brighton i360 Tower

Book timed tickets and experience the Brighton i360 Tower during a specific timeslot before enjoying panoramic views of Brighton and beyond

Available to 31 March 2025

Anytime Ticket - Brighton i360 Tower

Enjoy unrivalled views of Brighton and beyond when you book Brighton i360 Anytime tickets!

Available to 31 March 2025

Timed Sky Bar - Brighton i360 Tower

Experience the Brighton i360 tower tickets during a specified timeslot and enjoy access to Brighton's highest bar, The Sky Bar!

Available to 31 March 2025

Timed Cream Tea - Brighton i360 Tower

Experience the unrivalled views of Brighton whilst enjoying a quintessentially British cream tea experience at the Brighton i360 Tower!

Available to 31 March 2025
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How to find us

Address: British Airways i360, Lower Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2LN

What3Words: could.grants.palms

  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Food and drink

Yes, the Brighton i360 Tower is wheelchair accessible. 

Yes, there is a variety of food and drink venues near the Brighton i360 Tower, and there is a cafe onsite.

  • Nyetimber Sky Bar
  • Tollbooth Cafe & Bar
  • i360 Cafe
  • Sky Dining
  • Sixes Social Cricket Brighton

The Brighton i360 Experience lasts for around 25 minutes, but you will need to arrive 20 minutes before your timeslot to pass through security checks. 

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