Identifying the dead - Forensic Osteology Workshop - Tickets For Sale

Identifying the dead - Forensic Osteology Workshop - Tickets For Sale

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum

Available to 23 March 2024

Book now from £9.95

In this workshop you'll learn a range of methods used by experts to produce biological profiles, then apply these techniques to produce your own profile from human skeletal elements. The practical elements of the workshop will include the chance to interact with real human remains if you choose, as well as the chance to ask questions one-to-one with Dr Aris.

This workshop will run from 11:00 - 12:15. Please note: Children need to be accompanied by an adult in these sessions, tickets cost the same for adults and children alike.


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What is Catalyst Science Discovery?

Catalyst Science Discovery is a research initiative focused on exploring and advancing the field of catalysis, which involves the acceleration of chemical reactions. It aims to uncover new catalysts and improve existing ones to enhance the efficiency and selectivity of chemical processes.

What are the goals of Catalyst Science Discovery?

The primary goals of Catalyst Science Discovery are to identify and develop novel catalysts that can enable more sustainable and efficient chemical reactions. This includes discovering catalysts for various applications such as energy production, pharmaceutical synthesis, and environmental remediation.

How does Catalyst Science Discovery work?

Catalyst Science Discovery employs a multidisciplinary approach that combines computational modelling, experimental synthesis, and characterization techniques. Researchers use computational tools to simulate and predict the behavior of potential catalysts, which are then synthesized and tested in the laboratory. This iterative process helps to identify promising catalyst candidates and optimize their performance.

What are the potential applications of Catalyst Science Discovery?

Catalyst Science Discovery has broad applications across different industries. It can contribute to the development of more efficient catalysts for renewable energy generation, such as fuel cells or solar panels. It can also aid in the synthesis of new pharmaceuticals with higher yields and fewer byproducts. Additionally, it has the potential to improve catalytic converters used in automobiles to reduce emissions and enhance environmental sustainability.

What are the benefits of Catalyst Science Discovery?

The advancements made through Catalyst Science Discovery can have significant benefits for society and the environment. By discovering more efficient catalysts, it can enable greener and more sustainable chemical processes, reducing energy consumption and waste production. It can also lead to the development of new and improved materials with enhanced properties, opening up opportunities for technological advancements in various fields.

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