ONLINE - LIVE - The Spy Files: Case 47, The Mole

ONLINE - LIVE - The Spy Files: Case 47, The Mole

Centre VR

Available to 31 December 2022
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Help top British Agent Anderson, and put your detective skills to the test!

Agent Anderson has been arrested and calls you for help. You and your team need to help Anderson, (via live video link) in London to find the clues left by colleague Bob Thornton, to discover the identity of the mole in the organisation. - Top British MI6 Agent Anderson is handcuffed, alone, in the dark, and desperately awaiting your call. 

First task: Hack the security cameras and establish contact with Agent Anderson.

DIFFICULTY: SEMI-CHALLENGING - The game is suitable for adults and children - Children playing alone should be 12+

Duration 60 minutes

Richmond Gardens Shopping Centre,
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