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Cornish Wave Surf & Adventure

Cornish Wave started out as a rumour, that on the south coast of England there was a town where the chilly waters were ideal for surfers. 

And from that, surf enthusiast and adventure seeker, Jey, founded Cornish Wave – giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the thrill of the outdoors. 

The outdoors is waiting

One of the main aims of the team at Cornish Wave is to leave feeling “like you’ve learnt a new skill and have grown in some way”.  

So whatever form your adventure takes, you’re not only in for a day of thrills and excitement, but also an experience that’s going to have lasting positive effects.  

And speaking of adventures, which one you choose is entirely up to you! 

How about a surf lesson? After a one-to-one session, you’ll soon be gliding over the waves in style. But there’s also a load of other options to suit everyone.  

Heading to Newquay with the family? Book a Family Surf Lesson for you and the little ones. We think nothing will inspire confidence in them like learning a new skill alongside their grown-ups.  

The kids might even be naturals, and before your day on the water comes to an end, they’ll be whipping the board over the waves like they’ve been doing it for years. 

Discover the enchanting side of Cornwall

But where water meets land, coastlines of dramatic cliffs and rugged beauty are never far away. 

Coasteering around Newquay allows you a unique glimpse into the beauty of Cornwall that’s not often seen.  

You can make the session as wild or calming as you like. Fancy diving from the top of a cliff into the blue waters below? Go for it. Swimming alongside the rocky cliff face? Be our guest.  

Away from the coast, tucked away in the woods of Cornwall, there’s one more adventure Cornish Wave gives you the chance to experience.  

A night of wild camping

Ever thought about wild camping before? With nature literally on your doorstep, you’re in for a treat when the sun goes down. 

Away from light pollution, lie back and spend your evening stargazing, admiring the awe-inspiring beauty of the night sky like never before. 

When the thought of bed finally draws you back to your canvas bell tent, all that fresh air and wild adventure make a winning combination when it comes to a sound sleep. 

Then before you know it, you’ll be waking up to the sound of trees rustling above – the life of the woodland stretching its wings and testing out its voice.  

There comes a time when the wilder side of life calls out, be that spending a night wild camping or diving off cliffs into the sea.  

And when that call arrives, Cornish Wave are there waiting to welcome you – your adventure only moments away.  

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