Her Majesty's Theatre

Her Majesty's Theatre

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Fun fact - did you know that the name of the theatre changes with the gender of the monarch?

Here's a quick history lesson for those that love a good building story. It first became the King's Theatre in 1714 on the accession of George I. Most recently, the theatre was known as His Majesty's Theatre from 1901 to 1952, and it became Her Majesty's Theatre on the accession of Elizabeth II. Pretty cool, hey? 

Since opening in the early 1700s, Her Majesty's Theatre has shown true defiance after being burnt down not once, but twice. At times, all that stood were the bare walls of the theatre. The first disaster struck in 1789, with the doors reopening for the first public performance in 1793.
Her Majesty's Theatre burned down yet again in 1867. Although only taking two years to rebuild, it was left unoccupied until 1875. 

It's no surprise that with a history like this, the theatre is currently home to Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. What disasters will befall the theatre and it's patrons with the Opera Ghost lurking in the shadows we wonder... 

The Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera returns – the music of the night will be heard once again!

Available to 29 March 2025 St. James's
57 Haymarket,

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