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The charm of East Anglia

To those that have seen the east coast of England, its beauty comes as no surprise.

Great Yarmouth may come immediately to mind, its stretching sandy beach filling your thoughts. But head slightly further south for a moment, won’t you? To Lake Lothing down in Lowestoft.

That’s where you’ll find Jet Adventures, an independent, family-run business offering anyone the chance to head out and explore the waters of East Anglia.

The beaches of the east of England are simply sensational, but beyond them, there is a whole other world filled with the spectacular. From the wildlife that calls the area it's home to its natural beauty – the delights seem to never end.

Where will your adventure take you?

On the Lowestoft Coastal Sightseeing tour, you’ll get to experience all this while zipping over the waters of the North Sea. Shearwater (Jet Adventures’ boat), is a proud member of the family, combining comfort, style, and power.

On all the tours, you’ll get the pleasure of experiencing Shearwater. But if you’re looking for something a little calmer, then be sure to check out the Lowestoft Harbor Tour.

Limited to four knots in and around the harbour and lake, you’ll be able to relax and fully appreciate the fascinating vessels that share their home with Jest Adventures.

You might even catch one of the historic boats still working to this very day!

The tour lasts around 45 minutes, perfect if you’re a little strapped for time but still want to get out onto the water.

The calmness of being at sea

There’s something completely enchanting about watching the waves of the sea rise and fall. It’d be the easiest thing in the world to spend your whole trip gazing out over its surface; in awe of its power and vastness.

But then when a seal’s head pops up and breaks the surface, or a dolphin’s fin slices through the water – your attention is inevitably drawn to the area’s charismatic wildlife.

Whether it’s the seals of Scroby Sands or Horsey Beach, you catch them sunbathing on the beach or bobbing in the water, these inquisitive animals are sure to be a highlight of your trip.

Come onboard

What adventure will you choose? Will it be a casual cruise around the harbour? Or an exhilarating tour up and down the coast of Suffolk, spotting the incredible wildlife along the way?

That decision lies in your hands. The North Sea awaits: time to get exploring!

Days out deals with Jet Adventures, cruise a long the shores and take in the beauty of East Anglia!

Lowestoft Coastal Sightseeing

Have some fast fun and do some sightseeing as you cruise through the harbour

Available to 28 December 2024

Scroby Sands Seal Watching

Take an awesome seal watching trip at Lowestoft where you can witness stunning marine creatures, and digest the amazing scenery

Available to 26 October 2024
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