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Scroby Sands Seal Watching

Available to 26 October 2024
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Set sail on an amazing adventure to the seas by Scroby Sands and observe one of nature's wonders! You can get yourself a ticket for only £49 for adults and £44 for children and seniors. 

Take the entire family out for a sealiously fun time!

A nature adventure like no other 

Get to grips with nature as you travel through Lake Lothing and Lowestoft Harbour, before heading north to Scroby Sands in search of wonderful seals.  

When seals are close by, the Shearwater boat will decelerate to prevent disturbing the seals in their natural habitat, giving you the chance to take a good look at them.  

Watch the kids’ eyes brighten and their smiles grow, as they excitedly point at the seals they’ve spotted.  

We’d recommend leaving the camera for a while and taking a minute to absorb the undeniable beauty of these remarkable seals in their natural habitat. 

Gaze at the dense body of still water, before noticing the small heads of seals bobbing in the ocean. Listen closely and you might just hear them splashing their flippers excitedly in the sea. 

Notice the water glisten in the distance, as you feel the cool breeze brush against your face and intertwine with your hair. As the Shearwater boat continues, see if you can spot any beaches on your wonderful jet adventure. Who knows, maybe you’ll spot some seals on land? If you do, you can be assured that they’ll be relaxing like royalty in the baking sun.  

You a boat lover by any chance?

Shearwater’s engine holds a large amount of power, and even has an interesting jet drive feature.  

Without a propeller, the boat is most definitely safe around wildlife. Shearwater is easy and fast to manoeuvre, which is great when looking out for swimmers. 

Plan a memorable day out with family and friends, and you’ll be promised a time you’ll never forget! Why not come back for more exploration soon? 

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