Marjorie Prime - Tickets On Sale

Marjorie Prime - Tickets On Sale

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Available to 6 May 2023

In this richly spare, wondrous play, Jordan Harrison explores the mysteries of human identity and the limits — if any — of what technology can replace. It’s the age of artificial intelligence, and 85-year-old Marjorie — a jumble of disparate, fading memories — has a handsome new companion who’s programmed to feed the story of her life back to her.

What would we remember, and what would we forget, if given the chance? Jordan Harrison was a 2015 Pulitzer Prize finalist for Marjorie Prime. The play premièred at the Mark Taper Forum/Center Theater Group in Los Angeles in September 2014 and had its New York premiere at Playwrights Horizons.

53 Southwark Street,
London SE1 1RU
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People also ask :

What is the plot of "Marjorie Prime"?

"Marjorie Prime" is a science fiction play that follows an elderly woman named Marjorie, who interacts with a holographic projection of her deceased husband Walter. As Marjorie spends more time with the holographic Walter, she begins to question the nature of memory, identity, and consciousness.

Who wrote "Marjorie Prime"?

"Marjorie Prime" was written by Jordan Harrison, an American playwright and screenwriter. The play premiered at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in 2014, and has since been produced at theaters around the world.

Has "Marjorie Prime" been adapted into a film?

Yes, "Marjorie Prime" was adapted into a film in 2017, directed by Michael Almereyda and starring Jon Hamm, Lois Smith, and Geena Davis. The film received positive reviews for its performances and exploration of themes related to memory and mortality.

What themes are explored in "Marjorie Prime"?

"Marjorie Prime" explores themes related to memory, identity, consciousness, and mortality. The play asks questions about what it means to be human, and how technology can change our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others.


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