Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

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Standing over the Golden Mile

Whether you're conquering your fears on the SkyWalk or stepping foot into one of the most famous ballrooms in the world, there's something for all the family to enjoy.

Embark on the 70-second lift journey to reach the very top, known as the Eye, and you'll start your journey with the 4D cinema.

The five-minute showing brings the history of The Blackpool Tower to life right in front of you, complete with incredible wind, water, and scents to enhance your experience.

Brave the heights

Will anyone in your group be brave enough to stand on the SkyWalk?

Step onto the glass floor and look down at the ground 380ft below you (this will test even the biggest thrill-seekers!).

Children will enjoy using the telescopes from way up high. Can they spot the skull and crossbones on the top of Coral Island or read the Comedy Carpet below?

North Wales, the Lake District, and the Isle of Man can all be seen on a clear day.

Or if you’re feeling brave, take a trip up the spiral staircase and feel the wind on your face as you're now outside!

The Tower is also home to one of the most famous ballrooms in the world.

Opened in 1894, the stunning architecture provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic waltz.

For an extra cost, you can enjoy a dance to the tune of the renowned Wurlitzer Organ or enjoy a scrumptious afternoon tea and soak up the atmosphere.

Fancy seeing some jaw-dropping stunts? Your ticket allows you access to either the Eye or the Circus and, if you pick the latter, the show will definitely have you all on the edge of your seats!

Good to know

Due to the impressive height and exposed location, The Blackpool Tower Eye will be unavailable in high winds, so be sure to check opening times before you travel there.

Wheelchairs are permitted (just not motorised ones!) and if you have any children under 3, their ticket is free.

The Tower is easy to get to. Simply hop on a tram and enjoy the gorgeous seafront views - there's no missing where your stop is!

The Blackpool Tower is one to tick off your bucket list while enjoying an exciting trip to the famous town.

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The Blackpool Tower - Ballroom

With all the elegance and beauty it’s famous for – the Blackpool Tower Ballroom invites you onto its dance floor

Available to 28 December 2024

The Blackpool Tower Eye

Take a trip 380ft into the sky to the top of The Blackpool Tower and experience the thrilling SkyWalk

Available to 3 November 2024

Blackpool Tower Circus - Standard Entry

Delivering incredible stunts with belly laughs aplenty, roll up for the arguably the UK's biggest and best Circus at Blackpool Tower

Available to 3 November 2024

Blackpool Pick n Mix Pass

Save over 50% when you book the Blackpool Pick and Mix Pass!

Available to 3 November 2024
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  • Paid parking
  • Toilets
  • Café

Yes - Blackpool Tower & Circus are wheelchair accessible, but the attractions do require wheelchair reservations due to health and safety restrictions.

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