The Blackpool Tower - Ballroom

The Blackpool Tower - Ballroom

Blackpool Tower

Available to 28 December 2024

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What else is on?

Saturdays are certainly special days. But there’s one every year that rolls around with a certain amount of elegance and flair.

A famous Saturday night

With celebs and professionals alike waltzing onto the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, the volume turned up and a takeaway on your lap – you know it’s that special Saturday night.

With its grand, gold balconies and intricately detailed walls, the Blackpool Tower Ballroom’s charm immediately grips you. The place is simply stunning, decorated like a palace but with an energy of the cha-cha.

But this time, we think you deserve a look up-close.

The ballroom dates back to the 1890s, becoming one of the most popular in the world due to the incredible architecture of the room and its sprung dance floor.

As soon as you arrive and the room opens in front of you, it takes a moment to let everything sink in. The colours and art steal your attention, but quickly after, it’s the thought of your favourite couple gliding across the dance floor.

Up for a dance?

Whether you’re up for a foxtrot or tango, waltz or rumba – whatever it is, take your place and start swaying those hips!

If you’d rather start things off at a slower pace, take a seat at the side of the dance floor. If you’re slightly nervous about dancing in front of so many people, don’t worry. Everyone is occupied with their own moves to spare a glance.

Plus, dancing is good for the soul. Whatever your ability, with the music on in the background, there’s no better place to get your groove on.

Finishing up with a treat

If you’ve ever danced before, then you know what a physical effort it takes. If you’ve booked the afternoon tea, once you’ve finished up on the dance floor, you’ll have a treat waiting for you.

With all the classics, from sandwiches to scones, you can be sure of a tasty feast.

So, get those dancing shoes on and a warm up those hips – the floor is open!

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Yes - Blackpool Tower & Circus are wheelchair accessible, but the attractions do require wheelchair reservations due to health and safety restrictions.

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