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Mersey Ferry River Explorer Cruise

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Liverpool offers adventure to whoever wishes to experience it. From its prestige as a city of music icons, to a place packed with culture and history – there’s a side to Liverpool suited for all.  

A guarantee for anyone however, no matter where your interests lie, is the sensational beauty you’ll find along the city’s waterfront.  

All aboard!

With the Three Graces, Albert Docks, and the Museum of Liverpool all watching out over the River Mersey – the stretch is filled with architectural splendour.  

But have you ever wondered what they all look like when you take a step back? Hop aboard a Mersey Ferry and you’ll soon have the answers you seek. 

On the River Explorer Cruise, whether you’re whisked across the waterfront on the Dazzle Ferry (otherwise known as Snowdrop) or onboard The Royal Iris of the Mersey – get ready to discover a side of the city unknown to most. 

When you’re waiting for your trip to begin, daydreaming across the peaks and troughs of the flowing river,  you’ll be able to spot the Dazzle Ferry straight away. 

From head to toe, the vessel is covered in magnificent patterns and vibrant colours. It was designed by pop artist, Sir Peter Blake, the genius behind The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.  

Onto the Wirral

When you’re finally on board, the engine thundering to life below you, slowly drifting away from the riverbank, the waterfront’s beauty somehow becomes even more enchanting.  

Instead of just casting your eyes over one or two of the city’s iconic buildings up close, you get a panoramic view of them all – stretching away right down the river’s edge. 

From Pier Head Terminal, the ferry will cruise along the river before making a U-turn and returning down the opposite bank. 

But before you arrive back at Pier Head, first you’ll dock at Woodside Terminal on the Wirral.  

The Woodside Ferry Village nearby is the perfect place to grab a mouth-watering lunch or a warming cappuccino. 

Back to Liverpool 

Once you’re ready, you can head back to Liverpool’s waterfront with a delightfully full stomach.  

You might even get to make your return on the ferry you missed the first time around. If it’s the Royal Iris of the Mersey pulling up by the pier, perhaps the most famous of the two, you’re in for a treat. 

Be sure to check opening times before you arrive as they change throughout the year.

Then, when you’re back on solid ground, the rest of the city invites you to get exploring.  

Whenever you think back on your adventure to Liverpool, memories of your time spent on its famous river will be one of the first to surface.  

And with a gallery full of photos, you’ll always be able to remember your superb time in the city. 

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Pier Head,
George Parade

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