moviESCAPE Stockport Escape Rooms

moviESCAPE Stockport Escape Rooms

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Available to 30 April 2023
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Step inside the Haunted House and put the curse to rest, or become a wizarding hero by discovering the hiding mythical beast - what will you decide?

All of the moviESCAPE rooms are classed as intermediate difficulty. Merlin's Magic Academy is our family friendly room while Haunted House II: Demon's Curse and SAWtopsy have an advisory age limit of 12+.

Remember, this is your game and each of our rooms can be tailored to suit you, so if you are worried about loud noises, jump scares or low light conditions, etc, or have any other queries, please speak to your game host upon arrival!

Welkin Mill,
Welkin Rd,

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