1 to 1 Mountain Biking Coaching Session

1 to 1 Mountain Biking Coaching Session

Ride in Peace Adventures - Aberdeenshire

Available to 8 April 2023

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The Taster session will help break your riding down into control, confidence levels and riding consistency.
We decide which techniques to concentrate on using some simple and fun bike skills.

If you already know what you want to learn or focus on, then please let us know in the booking comments section.

Taster: Getting to know your Bike

This first session is about everything from bike parts and biking basics – mounting/dismounting, positioning, pedaling, braking, gears, cornering, and terrain. Really get to know your bike, your confidence, and your ability.

The goal is to gain a greater understanding of riding and how it can be broken down into sections. Allowing us to improve confidence and basic techniques, through evaluating personal strengths and weaknesses.

Be prepared!

Be sure to bring an appropriate working bike along with suitable personal protection.

To get the most out of your day you need to be prepared for everything the trail or the weather may have in store for you.

Your coach or guide will have some essential equipment and spares with him.

Good to know

This session runs for a duration of 3 hours.

The age requirement is 16+.

AB34 4UP

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