Mountain Bike Rider Development Course

Mountain Bike Rider Development Course

Ride in Peace Adventures - Aberdeenshire

Available to 31 October 2022

Ultimate 1:1 riding course covering all skills!

After an initial 1:1 fundamental taster session to break your riding down into your control, confidence levels with your riding consistency.

Ride in Peace has created a course of 4-8 more 1:1 sessions to concentrate on specific riding techniques.

Please book the first date then the following sessions will be arranged on the day.

What's covered?

Taster: Getting to know your bike

  • This first sessions is a tastier of everything from bike parts and biking basics – mounting/dismounting, positioning, pedalling, braking, gears, cornering and terrain. Really get to know your bike and your access your ability.
  • Goal: To gain a greater understanding of biking , to understand how riding can be broken down into sections.

Movements and Positions: Bike/ Body movements and positions

  • Basic positioning, track stands and slow speed balance, seat position, cone of Movement, pumping.
  • Goal: To improve bike handling and balance, to increase bike/body position and movement.

Braking and Speed Control:

  • Basic braking (front & rear), braking position, surface types, braking zones
  • Goal: To improve control of speed, to improve bike/ body positioning, to understand acceleration/ deceleration, to increase confidence.

Cornering: Cornering Continuum

  • Cornering basics, steering, leaning, banked turns, cornering spectrum, bike/ body positioning.
  • Goal: To improve cornering, to understand of different techniques and corner types, to improve coordination, balance and speed control, to increase confidence.

Pedaling and Gears: Pedalling techniques & gearing

  • Basic gearing, pedalling motion and timing, low vs high cadence, endurance vs power
  • Goal: To improve efficient pedalling position and technique, to increase physical fitness – Power & Endurance, awareness of proactive thinking.

Steeps: Ascending & Descending

  • Basic position and techniques, weight to wheels distribution, gearing, braking/cornering, front & rear wheel lifts
  • Goal: To improve bike handling and bike/body movement, to improve ascent and descent techniques, to increase confidence, to gain a clear understanding of overall riding techniques and on trail uses.

Jumps and drops:

  • Looking at position, techniques and movements needed for jumps and drops.
  • Goal: To improve jumps and drops, to increase confidence, to gain a clear understanding of overall riding techniques on jumps and drops.

Race Practice: Race training & Course sneak peeks

  • Getting Race Ready! Get a sneak peek of potential trails used in coming events and races. Have a Look at line choice, features, keeping the flow throughout the race.
  • Goal: To let riders have sneak peek of trails, features and lines for upcoming events and races in Aberdeenshire. To increase rider confidence to participate in races and events.

Be prepared!

Want to get the most out of your day? If so, you need to be prepared for everything the trail or the weather may have in store for you. Keep in mind your coach or guide will have some essential equipment and spares with him.

Good to know

A course of 4 -8 x 3 hours session.

Aboyne AB34 4UP
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Aboyne AB34 4UP
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