Terrible Tours of Cambridge - Best Price Tickets

Terrible Tours of Cambridge - Best Price Tickets

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Treat your kids to a tour they'll love on your family day out in Cambridge with Terrible Tours

Terrible Tours are anything but ordinary, so if you're looking for a bog standard history tour of Cambridge, then this is certainly NOT the tour for you! 

Peering behind the glossy curtain of stunning architecture and university prestige, the city of Cambridge hides many secrets, and not all of them are pretty...

What are the Terrible Tours in Cambridge?

Terrible Tours takes all the aspects of a traditional history tour of Cambridge and throws it all out the window!

Instead, you're left with entertaining tour guides who are smart as they are eccentric, walks to only the very best places to visit in Cambridge with lots of nasty stories, from frightfully funny to downright disgusting, this tour covers everything to keep your kids entertained and laughing to the very end! 

Currently there are two Terrible Tours of Cambridge:

  • Curious Cambridge: From the rankest of Romans to the sickening students, this tour covers the whole story of Cambridge in all its gruesomeness. 
  • Creepy Cambridge: Hear all the gritty stories from Cambridge's dark past as you meet the victims of horrific punishments, and how their ghosts haunt the city today. 

No more long and boring walks with the constant noise of "is it over yet?" from the kids, Terrible Tours will take you on a trip through time that's terrible in all the best ways!

Curious Cambridge by Terrible Tours - Best Price Tickets

Terrible Tours takes you on an entertaining expedition through 2,000 years of Cambridge, from the rank Romans to the sickening students!

Available to 18 August 2024

Creepy Cambridge by Terrible Tours - Best Price Tickets

Meet the ghastly ghouls and phantom fellows of haunted Cambridge in this terrifying trip with Terrible Tours!

Available to 18 August 2024
32c Bridge Street,

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