Private Edinburgh Whisky Walking Tour - Best Price Tickets

Private Edinburgh Whisky Walking Tour - Best Price Tickets

The Edinburgh Whisky Trail - Best Price Tickets

Available to 25 April 2024

A guided tour taking you through the New Town, Old Town and Southside of Edinburgh

Head on a memorable journey through Edinburgh's rich whisky scene, visiting five unique bars and venues in the heart of the city.

Join comfortable group sizes of no more than ten attendees are chaperoned by an experienced whisky guide, who will introduce you to a range of whiskies including blended Scotch, single malt, cocktails, and food pairings featuring Black Bottle, Jura, Dewar's, Benriach and Deanston whiskies.

As you savor each dram, our knowledgeable guide will also share fascinating insights into the city's history, architecture, and the story of brewing and distilling in Edinburgh. This is a great opportunity to learn about and taste some of Scotland's finest whiskies, while experiencing the vibrant atmosphere of Edinburgh's whisky bars.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable journey through Edinburgh's whisky culture.

115 Broughton Street,
Edinburgh City EH1 3RZ

How to find us

By bus:

The 8, 13, 23 and 27 buses all stop across the roundabout from The Cask and Barrel at Mansfield Place.

By foot:

The Cask & Barrel is an 11-minute walk downhill from Waverley Station and a 5 minute walk from The York Place tram stop.

People also ask:

When does the walking tour start and finish?

  • The tour starts at 14:00 and is approximately three and a half hours finishing at 17:30.

Where does the tour start?
  • The tour starts at the traditional real ale and whisky bar; The Cask and Barrel in the leafy neighbourhood of Broughton. The address is 115 Broughton Street, Edinburgh EH1 3RZ.

How do I get to the start destination?

  • The venue is 11 minute walk downhill from Waverley Station and a 5 minute walk from The York Place tram stop.
  • The 8, 13, 23 and 27 buses all stop across the roundabout from The Cask and Barrel at Mansfield Place.
How long is the walking tour?
  • The walking tour takes you from The East End of the New Town, through to the Old Town, and finishes in the Southside. We will walk approximately 2 miles/3.2 kilometres.
  • Most sections of the scenic and informative walk take no more than 15 to 20 minutes between venues.

What do I need to bring on the walking tour?

  • The weather in Edinburgh is notorious and it has been known to experience four seasons in a single day! We will provide umbrellas but please bring a suitable rain jacket and footwear appropriate for traversing the hills, streets, and cobbles of the city.
  • It can be cold and windy, even during the summer, so please check the weather report for the day, dress for the occasion and bring a warm jacket, gloves and a hat if needed.
  • Water will be provided at each venue, but you may want to bring your own bottle for the walking sections.

Is there audio assistance for the walking tour?

  • If you require audio assistance, the walking tours can be live recorded and broadcasted through the PodBean app. This can be useful when traversing the busier parts of the city or if you have hearing loss and require audio assistance. To listen to the live recording, please download the PodBeam app to your smart phone and you will be instructed on how to use it at the beginning of the tour. Please bring your own earphones and make sure your phone has plenty of battery charge.

Can I purchase the whisky I have sampled or any gifts or merchandise?
  • Whiskies that you sampled on the tour will also be available to purchase by the bottle at The Pear Tree/Counting House.
  • ‚ÄčThe Edinburgh Whisky Trail gifts and merchandise such as clothing, whisky accessories and our exclusive bottles of whisky can all be purchased at the destination venue.

Where does the walking tour finish?

  • Your tour will finish at The Pear Tree/Counting House, 38 W Nicolson St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9DD. You are welcome to stay at the bar which serves all manner of drinks, refreshments, and food.
  • Taxis can be arranged by the personnel at the venue.
  • The 3, 7, 29, 30 and 37 buses back to the City Centre can be taken nearby from outside The Surgeons Hall on South Bridge.
  • The 41 and 42 buses can be taken nearby from Victoria Street.

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