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Bond In London - The London Storyteller

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Available to 28 March 2025
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Discover the London locations and the story behind Britain's greatest super spy, 007 and his creator Ian Fleming

Choose this tour if you want to discover the world of British super spy, James Bond, the man with a license to kill and habit of saving the world.

The story of 007 is one where the secret true world of espionage is entangled with the fiction. Life imitating art drawn from the first hand experiences and insight of Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming.

This tour visits iconic locations from Bond movies as well as the real world places that shaped the lethal legend’s literary conception.

From Connery to Craig; you’ll discover stories about the people, places and plots that have shaped the world’s longest running and one of the most successful movie phenomena.

Exciting extras are available including a visit to the Bond In Motion exhibition, vodka martinis at one of Ian Fleming’s Favourite haunts, as well as the opportunity to go inside the real Goldfinger’s lair.

Bond in London Tour Itinerary

  • Meeting Point: Vauxhall Station - Our mission begins at Vauxhall Station, conveniently located on the Victoria tube line and right in the heart of the real world Britain’s secret intelligence establishment. At the station take Exit 1, marked Bondway. Pick ups are available at extra charge.
  • Chapter One: Keeping The British End Up - Where else could the story of Bond begin but at the place where the real world James Bond has HQ and that also features in Goldeneye, Skyfall and Spectre to mention but a few.
  • Chapter Two: Bond, The Real Bond - Bond creator Ian Fleming wasn’t just a talented writer with a vivid imagination but dig a little deeper and you’ll discover how our fictional super spy is very close the real life of his creator. We’ll see the site of Fleming’s London home and hear some of the stories associated with his remarkable story.
  • Chapter Three: Shaken Not Stirred - Our mission continues, taking us to the exclusive St James’s district in London, home of the establishment and the stomping ground of both Bond and his creator Ian Fleming. Discover the story behind that iconic 007 tipple, the Vodka Martini and why it is shaken and not stirred. If this really stirs your interest, we recommend that you select our optional extra to try a Vodka Martini at the hotel bar where Ian Fleming used to refresh himself.
  • Chapter Four: On Her Majesty's Secret Service - What links World War II, the Spanish Armada and James Bond? We’ll explore the heart of Britain’s establishment and discover the roots of Fleming’s remarkable role as a pioneer in wartime intelligence operations and much more.
  • Chapter Five: Welcome to Q Branch, 007 - An optional extra on this tour, we offer a visit to the the Bond In Motion Exhibition. This is an astonishing collection of James Bond’s vehicles with other associated memorabilia. Please see booking options if you would like to include entry to this as part of your tour itinerary or email us at [email protected]
  • Chapter Six: Goldfinger's Lair - Rounding up our Bond adventure, you can choose to include a visit to Goldfinger’s Lair. That’s right, the real Goldfinger and this offers an opportunity to end your experience in one of the most picturesque historic locations in London with excellent pubs.

Experience the best of 007 in London when you book the London Storyteller's 'Bond in London' tour

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  • 3 hours


  • This tour is for all ages

Group Numbers: 

  • Private group up to 12 people max

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