The London Storyteller

The London Storyteller

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Get ready to explore the capital city up close and personal with the London Storyteller

The London Storyteller is a unique and enchanting way to explore the city's rich history and culture. Led by the fantastic Tom Barclay Matchett, the experience takes visitors on a journey through London's past and present, weaving together captivating stories and fascinating anecdotes.

The tours cover a range of topics, from the darker side of London's history, including stories of ghosts and executions, to the lighter side, such as the city's literary heritage and famous film locations, and even the taster side with pubs and food tours!

One of the standout features of London Storyteller is the emphasis on small groups, allowing for an intimate and personalized experience. The Storyteller himself is a passionate and knowledgeable guide, and his enthusiasm is simply contagious.

For those looking for something truly unique, London Storyteller also offers bespoke tours tailored to specific interests, from the Tudor era to today's royal family.

Discover London like never before on a tour with the London Storyteller

Churchill’s London: A Walking Biography - The London Storyteller

Learn all about Britain's most iconic prime minister in this walking biography tour with The London Storyteller

Available to 28 March 2025

Samuel Pepys’s London - The London Storyteller

Join the London Storyteller on an exploration into the life of Samuel Pepys and his life in London

Available to 30 December 2024 Seven Dials

London’s Best Buildings Architecture Tour - The London Storyteller

Learn about some of the great architects of London and it's many beautiful buildings with the London's Best Buildings Architecture Tour

Available to 30 June 2024

Private Royal London Tour - The London Storyteller

Discover the decades of drama that surround the British monarchy in a private royal tour of London with the London Storyteller

Available to 30 June 2024

Bond In London - The London Storyteller

Get behind the scenes of 007 and the world of James Bond with the London Storyteller's 'Bond in London' tour

Available to 28 March 2025

Scandalous Sovereigns & Royal Romance - The London Storyteller

From Henry VIII to Meghan Markle, hear the many tales of love and controversy in the 'Scandalous Sovereigns & Royal Romance' London Storyteller tour

Available to 28 March 2025 London
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