Samuel Pepys’s London - The London Storyteller

Samuel Pepys’s London - The London Storyteller

The London Storyteller

Available to 30 December 2024
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Travel back to 1665, for a time not-too-different from today's on a fascinating tour of London

The London Storyteller is delighted to present their own unique take on the world of Samuel Pepys, his diary and London in the strange – yet strikingly similar – times of the 1660s.

Between 1660 and 1669, Samuel Pepys maintained a remarkably candid diary documenting the day to day of his personal and professional life.

From fragrant personal entanglements to his frequent dealings with the royal court of restoration playboy, Charles II and his brother, James Duke of York. Pepys lived and witnessed first hand some of the most defining events in London’s history such as the Great Plague of 1665 and the Great Fire of 1666 which are explored in this privately guided tour.

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St Martin's Street,
Seven Dials,
Greater London


  • 3.5 hours


  • This tour is for all ages

Group Numbers: 

  • Private group up to 12 people max

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