British Museum - Private Guided Tour

British Museum - Private Guided Tour

Urban Saunters

Available to 31 December 9999
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From Ancient Greece to Rome, Mesopotamia to Egypt – millions of years lie within the British Museum, waiting to be discovered.

Ever since opening its doors in 1759, the knowledge the museum has been sharing with the public has become an invaluable source of intrigue, historical interest and inspiration.

A helping hand

With more than 50 galleries to explore, the hardest part of your visit is navigating your way around the place.

That’s where Urban Saunters’ private tour of the British Museum comes in handy. Your guide will know all the ins and outs of the museum and will even adapt the tour according to your interests.

They can also provide a family-friendly version if the little ones are coming along. We’re sure when they hear you’re going to look at mummies and gladiator armour, they’ll be waiting by the door begging you to hurry up.

Marvels of the museum

The museum holds an incredibly extensive collection of past relics and antiques from all over the world and throughout the ages.

Everywhere you look and every corner you walk around, you’re met by the spectacular. And to think, at one time, instead of a museum – these pieces would’ve been adorning the homes of people we read about in history books.

Greek vases would’ve sat in the corners of homes; Roman coins would’ve been tossed between two people; statues would’ve been gazed at just like they are today.

The fascinating stories

With your guide leading the way, you’ll not only get to see the incredible items housed at the museum but learn about the stories and facts behind them.

Understanding a little about these works brings them to life in ways that nothing else can.

Thousands of years lie in wait under the roof of the British Museum. About time you started your explorations, wouldn’t you say?

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