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*Shirley Valentine* is the joyous, life-affirming story of the woman who got lost in marriage and motherhood, the woman who wound up talking to the kitchen wall whilst cooking her husband's chips and egg. But Shirley still has a secret dream. And in her bag, an airline ticket.

One day she may just leave a note saying: 'Gone! Gone to Greece.' *Shirley Valentine* is the celebrated one-woman play written by Willy Russell, winning him his third Olivier Award. Sheridan Smith is a multi-award-winning actress with two Olivier Awards and a BAFTA. Matthew Dunster is a three-time Olivier Award nominated director whose work most recently has been seen on Broadway with Martin McDonagh's Hangmen and in the West End with 2:22 by Danny Robins.

104 St Martin's Lane,
London WC2N 4BG
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People also ask :

What is "Shirley Valentine"?

"Shirley Valentine" is a one-woman play by Willy Russell that tells the story of a middle-aged Liverpool housewife who finds herself questioning the direction of her life. The play premiered in 1986 and has since been adapted into a film and a musical.

What is the plot of "Shirley Valentine"?

The play follows Shirley Valentine, a bored and disillusioned housewife who feels trapped in a stale marriage and unfulfilling life. She begins talking to the wall in her kitchen, imagining conversations with her best friend and reflecting on her past and present. Eventually, she decides to take a vacation to Greece, where she rediscovers herself and learns to live life on her own terms.

Who wrote "Shirley Valentine"?

"Shirley Valentine" was written by Willy Russell, a British playwright and songwriter. Russell is also known for his other plays, such as "Educating Rita" and "Blood Brothers".

Has "Shirley Valentine" been adapted into a film?

Yes, "Shirley Valentine" was adapted into a film in 1989, starring Pauline Collins as Shirley. The film was directed by Lewis Gilbert and was well-received by critics, earning Collins an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress.

Has "Shirley Valentine" been adapted into a musical?

Yes, "Shirley Valentine" was adapted into a musical in 1989, with music by Willy Russell and lyrics by Russell and Bob Eaton. The musical has been performed in the UK and Australia, and a new production is set to debut in the US in 2022.

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