Victor's Lair Escape Room - Individual Tickets

Victor's Lair Escape Room - Individual Tickets

Mary Shelley's House of Frankenstein - Best Price Tickets

Available to 1 December 2024

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Welcome to Victor Frankenstein's miserable attic quarters strewn with insane equations, strange artefacts and miscellaneous body parts. 

These tickets include entry to House of Frankenstein. 

Will you ever escape the room?

Victor is close to unlocking the mysteries of life and requires just a few key components to fulfil his maniacal request. Having coerced you into his quarters with promises of 'riches beyond your wildest dreams', it's actually your vital organs he's after...

You have just one hour to unravel the ramblings of a madman and discover the equation that not only reveals the mystery of life itself but more critically your way out to freedom.

The Escape Room is a puzzle-based suitable for families, friends and groups. 

37 Gay St,

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