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Available to 9 September 2023

Graham Greene’s brilliant story – which was made into a landmark film and published as a novella – now comes to the stage in a new musical written by Christopher Hampton with music by George Fenton, lyrics by Don Black and directed by Trevor Nunn.

Post-war Vienna is the setting as Holly Martins arrives at the invitation of his friend and hero, Harry Lime, only to discover that Harry has been killed in a car accident. But nothing that he is told about what happened makes any sense. The tension mounts as Holly enters the world of black marketeers and military bureaucracy, culminating in a chase through the Viennese sewers, as Holly tries to discover what happened to Harry…and who is the third man?


53 Southwark Street,
London SE1 1RU
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People also ask :

What is "The Third Man" play about?

"The Third Man" is a play based on the iconic film of the same name. Set in post-World War II Vienna, the story revolves around an American writer named Holly Martins who arrives in the city and becomes embroiled in a web of intrigue surrounding the death of his friend Harry Lime. The play explores themes of betrayal, moral ambiguity, and the consequences of one's actions.

Who wrote "The Third Man" play?

"The Third Man" play was written by Graham Greene, who also wrote the screenplay for the original film. The play is an adaptation of the screenplay and captures the suspenseful and atmospheric tone of the movie.

Is "The Third Man" play faithful to the original film?

Yes, "The Third Man" play remains faithful to the original film in terms of its storyline and characters. While there may be some differences in the staging and interpretation of certain scenes, the play preserves the essence of the film and its noir aesthetic.

Where has "The Third Man" play been performed?

"The Third Man" play has been performed in various theaters around the world. It has had both professional and amateur productions, with performances in major cities such as London, New York, and Vienna. The play continues to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative and memorable characters.

Can I watch the play if I haven't seen the film?

Absolutely! While watching the film may enhance your appreciation of the play, "The Third Man" play stands on its own as a compelling theatrical experience. The story is engaging, and the performances bring the characters to life. Whether you're familiar with the film or not, the play offers an immersive and thrilling experience for theatergoers.

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