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Entry Ticket to Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Available to 31 October 2023
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This picturesque English thatched cottage dates back over 600-years and was the home to countless family generations, eventually being the home Shakespeare's bride-to-be Anne Hathaway. 

This is where the young Shakespeare would have visited Anne during the early part of their relationship and is a perfect retreat to explore the famous Shakespeare/Hathaway love story.

Feel yourself slip back in time among the acres of pretty cottage gardens, orchards, woodland walks and sculpture trails. Inside the cottage you'll even see original family furniture, including the four-poster bed and courting settle.

A visit to Anne Hathaway's Cottage is the chance to be at one with the history and romance that surrounds the life and works of William Shakespeare, and is most certainly the perfect choice for a day out in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

Cottage Lane,
CV37 9HH,
United Kingdom
CV37 9HH


They welcome assistance dogs at all sites.

Blue Badge parking is available adjacent to the visitor reception to the rear of the coach park. Alternate visitor parking is 100m away on the corner of Cottage Lane.

Visitor reception & shop

There is level access with a bell push for staff to assist you if required. There is a sloping pathway from Cottage Lane or a short level path from the Blue Badge and coach park. An accessible toilet with baby-changing facilities can be found outside and to the side of reception.


The building is not fully accessible to visitors due to entrance steps and uneven floors. Wheelchairs and pushchairs cannot be used inside the house. A video of the interior of the house can be viewed, which will be facilitated by a member of the Anne Hathaway’s Cottage team.


The grounds are easy to navigate with many wide, sloping pathways and occasional seating. They have a folding wheelchair that can be borrowed to use across the Anne Hathaway’s Cottage site.

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