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Exploring the city of Leeds on a pair of wheels holds endless opportunities for breathtaking views. 

But why not venture further afield? Discover Roundhay Park or the Yorkshire Dales on a Talio Electric Bike. At Talio, there’s no such thing as restriction!  

You may be renting one of their bikes, but the route is up to you. No matter where you go, you’ll be stunned by the scenery.  

Visiting Roundhay Park is a must

As you grip tightly to the handlebars, absorb the amazing atmosphere of Roundhay Park. There are more activities than you could’ve ever imagined. This includes a tennis court, sports pitches, bowling greens, golf courses, and even fishing. 

The Park Arena is a natural amphitheatre, which now has a cricket pitch and even cycle tracks for you to pedal your way along.

Witness the stunning scenery

With the growing amount of electric Talio rentals across the world, who would want to miss out on an adventure like this? Especially with so much on offer.  

Take a break from your enjoyable bike ride with friends and family to re-energise.  

Feel your heart pounding, as you stare out into the blue sea at the North Beach. Watch the smooth waves dance softly in the shimmering sea, as you take a moment to catch your breath. Finally, continue your exploration in the city of Leeds. 

Take a refreshing pit stop

While adventuring, find a shaded area away from the warm gaze of the sun, where you can open a bottle of flavoured sparkling water to complement your cheeseboard. Make a celebratory toast to new adventures and new memories!  

After snacking on walnuts, biscuits, peaches, and avocados, throw on your backpack and journey back to where this voyage began.  

Once you’ve made this the most enjoyable and memorable trip you’ve ever had, why not consider rebooking? With so much land to cover, there's so much more for you to explore. 

1 Day Rental

Ride through the stunning countryside of Yorkshire | 1 Hour Rental | From £25

Available to 29 March 2025

2 Day Rental

Take a peaceful bike ride through the lush city of Leeds | 2 Day Rental | From £45

Available to 30 March 2025

4 Day Rental

Discover Yorkshire | 4 Day Rental | Monday - Thursday | From £90

Available to 28 March 2025

Weekend Rental

So much to explore | Weekend Rental | Friday - Sunday | From £70

Available to 31 March 2025

1 Week Rental

An unforgettable experience | 1 Week Rental | Available everyday | From £115

Available to 4 April 2025

1 Month Rental

The perfect bike riding experience | 1 Month Rental | Everyday available | From £245

Available to 27 April 2025

Wine Tasting & Masterclass Bike Tour

A bike tour with a twist | 16.5-mile tour | £179 per person | 6 hours

Available to 23 March 2025

Masterclass Bike Tour

So much to uncover | 5-mile tour | £130 per person | 3 hours

Available to 23 March 2025

Wine Tasting Bike Tour

Something perfect for you | 15.8-mile tour | £65 per person | 3 hours

Available to 23 March 2025
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