A day full of food and fun in Cardiff Bay

10 February 2022

The beauty of the bay

Cardiff Bay is quickly becoming one of the UK’s best destinations for adventure. And Mermaid Quay is part of the reason why.

Wrapping itself around the water, buildings rise up from the land in every shape and colour.

From the striking white wood of the Norwegian Church Arts Centre to the red-brick, gothic frame of the Pierhead – the history of Mermaid Quay is tied in with its exceptional beauty.

Over thirty restaurants, bars and cafes have made Cardiff Bay their home. But as inviting as the incredible smells wafting out to meet you may be, first we think a little wander is in order.

Over and under bridges, across wooden pathways hovering just above the water, through the spectacular Roald Dahl Plass – the walkways around the Quay are as captivating as the views they offer.

Now, however, it’s time for food! 

The culinary delights of Mermaid Quay

To what land do your tastebuds wish to explore?

To the umami-rich miso soups and fresh sushi of Japan at Yakitori #1? Or the warm flavours of the Mediterranean you’ll find at Demiro’s?

Or perhaps you’re after a fine slice of cake and a freshly roasted coffee to wash it down with? In that case, you’ll want to head to Coffi Co.

The coffee shop’s location lends itself to the most spectacular views of the bay. It stands just off the coast, on sturdy legs rising out of the water.

While you’re sipping on your frothy latte and nibbling at the corner of your cake, be sure to look up and take in your surroundings. It’s not every day you get the chance to enjoy a delicious coffee with views just as stunning.

Coffi Co have just begun their adventure into a second place on Mermaid Quay: Gin & Bake. The bar not only serves up some of the familiar favourites from their coffee shop, but also offers craft beers and cocktails to match.

They often host events and live music acts. Why not invite the family down or a couple of friends and spend an evening with your loved ones?

Wondering where to head next?

But Cardiff Bay's dining scene is not where its charm ends. You’ll find things to do around the area, ideal to get stuck into before or after your meal.

Enjoy a film at the independent boutique cinema, Everyman. Or spend an evening at The Glee Club, where some of the best UK comedians grace the stage.

With easy access to and from the city centre via the Aquabus, why not spend your morning in the city before heading out to the bay? Sounds like the makings of an incredible day.

So, what delights will you indulge in first? A trip to Cardiff Bay might soon be establishing itself as a weekly affair - only then will you be able to sample all its delights!