A free day out with nature and history at St Fagans

12 April 2022

Centuries of history come together as one in the lush green scenery that makes up St Fagans. From ancient Neolithic houses to grand medieval halls and Victorian residencies, every corner of St Fagans seems to come from somewhere different in Welsh history.

But how did all these pillars of the past end up standing beside each other despite the rapid and sometimes ruthless changing of times?

A Great Restoration

This is exactly what makes St Fagans so special.

Dedicated teams have worked hard to restore ancient buildings from all corners of the country, all in one site. Many sites, such as the 1600’s Kennixton Farmhouse, were donated from their original location and then reconstructed brick by brick where they now stand.

St Fagans has now done this for over forty different buildings from original locations all over Wales. Some notable highlights include the Bryn Eryr Iron Age roundhouses, the Llys Llewelyn Royal Court, the Oakdale Workmen’s Institute and the 1800’s retail shops, the Gwalia Stores.

All of these come from completely different points in history yet make a seamless time travel-like experience as you hop from one fascinating site to the next.

St Fagans Castle

Once you’re done exploring the historic buildings, make your way over to the area surrounding the castle to experience one of the most beautiful backdrops you’ll find in all of Cardiff.

As soon as you make your way through the trees, you’ll notice St Fagans Castle looking over the gorgeous green gardens.

You’ll also see a spectrum of blossoming flowers and exotic trees that surround the splendidly peaceful lake as lovely white doves fly on by. You’d think you just walked into Wonderland!

After making your way through what seems to be a fairy-tale, head on up to the castle gardens before heading to the castle manor itself.

As with most places around St Fagans, a helpful and friendly guide will be near to tell you all the stories about the gardens and more.

Taking in the scenery

Once you’re done site-hopping, be sure to check out the indoor arts centre and galleries that focus on Welsh history before finding out how the displays are connected to human history in general.

After that, you’ll want to save some time to sit down and take in the lovely surroundings of the site. Luckily, you’ll find these in abundance!

St Fagans makes a great site for a picnic, so take out your homemade treats and enjoy a peaceful lunch while watching the grazing sheep go about their day.

The museum is also dog-friendly (provided they’re kept on a short lead), so you can also treat your pup to a nice stroll while you’re at it. They’re bound to have tons of fun as they explore with you!