Discover A Central London Garden For Every Occasion

28 January 2022

Away from the hustle and bustle of London life, you can find little pockets of peaceful greenery dotted around this city.

Here, we’ll show you some glorious spots to pause, reset and absorb everything about London – they’re also very central and a stone’s throw from an underground station or bus route.

So, which garden will you explore first?

Step back in time at Regent's Park

This historic park connects Marylebone to Camden and Primrose Hill and is one of the capital’s biggest parks. Dotted with picturesque gardens it’s the perfect place to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Start by coming out of Regent’s Park Underground Station and walk alongside Park Square until you get to the gated entrance of Regent’s Park.

As you amble along the manicured lawns to the Broad Walk, you’ll enter the English Gardens.

Either side of the long Broad Walk pathway you can take in the beautiful flowers, ornate sculptures, and fountains.

The Victorian age style of uniform and symmetrical gardens will transport you back in time when the aristocratic gentry would have taken a turn about the park and caught up on the latest news about town. 

When you reach the top of the Broad Walk, turn right down Chester Road, and make your way to Queen Mary’s Rose Garden.

This luscious garden is the largest collection of roses in London at about 12,000 rose bushes, making it is as captivating as it is fragrant. Sit and enjoy the colours and peaceful atmosphere.

As you leave the rose garden, follow the path around the boating lake to the Japanese Garden. This oriental retreat is on an island in the lake, and accessible via a quaint wooden bow bridge.

The winding paths, ornamental shrubbery, and hidden waterfall are distinctly different from the rest of Regents Park and make this a gem not to be missed.

Fall in love in Battersea Park

South of the River Thames is Battersea Park, boasting a variety of open spaces and attractions, including a zoo, events arena, and boating lake.

But, of course, the most interesting of all are the beautiful, tranquil gardens.

Jump off the bus at Parkgate Road and walk down Carriage Drive North. On the right behind high brick walls is the Old English Garden.

This historic garden was revived from disrepair in 2012, and transformed into the beautiful garden it is today, complete with a “frothy and romantic planting scheme”, as described by its award-winning designer, Sarah Price.

Take a moment to absorb the gentle and naturalistic style of the garden, a stark contrast from the concrete jungle surrounding it.

With its variety of peonies, lilies, roses, and scented herbs, be prepared to be swept off your feet in this dreamy garden.

Just round the corner, past the famous brown dog statue, you’ll find the architectural ponds and magnificent fountain display.

Spend a few moments to enjoy the display and decide whether to next visit Battersea Parks boating lake or zoo.

A trip to Japan in Holland Park

Just off Kensington High Street hides a small but beautiful secret.

Hop off the bus at the corner of Kensington High Street and Earl’s Court Road, then cross the high street into Holland Park.

Then wander the long tree-lined path and turn left after the red brick hotel. You’ll find your way through the Fukushima Garden to see the little marvel that is the Kyoto Garden.

Gaze in awe at the bright coloured Japanese maple trees, stone lanterns, and the reflections in the pond. Nestled among the plants is the natural style waterfall and small bamboo water features.

The overall feel of the garden is one of surrendering to nature and embracing its tranquility along with the typical oriental style.

And if you’re lucky, you might spot the odd peacock wandering about.

For a surprising contrast, walk past the Fukushima Garden and into the Dutch Garden.

This formal garden is a mosaic of colourful tulips and dahlias edged with miniature hedges. The style, colours, and formality will have you firmly back on European soil.

Feel regal in Kensington Gardens

West of Hyde Park is Kensington Gardens, the parkland that surrounds the beautiful Kensington Palace. Jump off the bus at Palace Gate and stroll through the gates into the park.

As you approach the palace along the Broad Walk, you’ll notice its elegant Edwardian architecture, which is mirrored in the formal gardens at the entrance.

But as you find your way through the winding hedgerows on the side of the palace you discover a more intimate hidden formal garden, the Sunken Garden.

And sunken it is, but in the most elegant way. A series of ornately arranged flower beds and lawn terraces form steps down to the ornamental pond.

Thousands of hours of work has gone into planting the 4,000 individual flowers including roses, tulips, and forget-me-nots.

View the garden from the surrounding climber-covered Cradle Walk, with arches and gates each offering picturesque views into the garden.

Stepping into this beautiful garden, with a palace as the backdrop, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into another world, delicate and regal in equal measure.

Princess Diana was particularly fond of the Sunken Garden, as a former resident of Kensington Palace.

A statue commissioned by her two sons now stands in the garden in memory of her charitable work for children.

The city backdrop at St James’s Park

Although we over want to get away from city bustle there’s no denying that sometimes the ‘busy-ess’ of London is what makes it exciting!

The most central London park has to be St James Park, with Buckingham Palace on one side and Whitehall on the other.

Walk from Hyde Park Corner Underground Station to Buckingham Palace. Find your way past the Victoria Memorial to the pathway along the fenced edge of St James’s Park Lake.

As you wander, you’ll see the iconic London Eye come into view over the treetops.

Alongside this lake is the perfect spot to stop for some quality London people watching.

Take in the hustle and bustle and look at the strangely exotic array of birds (did somebody say pelicans?) play in the ripples.

A great place to relax and take in the excitement of London and famous landmarks.