Eight Awesome Activities Couples Will Love On A Weekend In Liverpool

4 August 2021

Explore the magic of Liverpool

Liverpool is a city full of the spectacular.

With a rich history, the museum scene of the city is incredible. And with plenty of galleries, parks and so much more to discover - we think it's the perfect spot to head out on an adventure with your other half.

So here are eight activities to get you started. Each one has its own unique charm, appealing to all in one way or another. 

Whether it's a planned getaway or your surprising your loved one to a spontaneous trip - Liverpool is waiting.

Museum of Liverpool

Your first stop should definitely be the Museum of Liverpool.

A must-see, this is the perfect place to learn more about this fascinating city and the rest of the world. 

We recommend seeing how people used to deliver food (before takeaways were a thing!) at the Land Transport Collection. Spot the horses pulling bread on the back of a wagon and look out for the red oil tank being carried on wheels from door to door - that's how lamps used to be lit every single day.

World Museum

Another must-visit is the World Museum - part of National Museums Liverpool. Get lost in a time long ago as you explore the Ancient Egyptian gallery and the Dinosaurs and Natural World virtual tour.

Animal lover? Visit the aquarium section and say hi to Nemo as he swims around behind the glass. You can also get up close to the skulls of big cats such as the tiger, wildcat, lion, cheetah, and lynx.

There's loads of fantastic information on every piece in the museum and you'll love getting stuck into the interactive exhibits on offer.

Liverpool Cathedral

We couldn't recommend places to go in Liverpool without mentioning this one. Liverpool is known as the city of two cathedrals and one of them is the beautiful Anglican Cathedral.

Built in 1904, this wonderful place is just a 15-minute walk from Liverpool City Centre. You'll be mesmerised as you gaze up at the largest cathedral in Britain and the fifth largest in the world.

See the gorgeous sunlight coming through the stained glass windows and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. The altar at The Well is a fantastic spot to appreciate the uniqueness of the place. Tilt your head up and look towards the magnificent vault below the central bell tower.

Relax as you take a seat and listen to the organ music while you rest your feet. This gorgeous instrument contains a massive 10,268 pipes and 200 stops!

Before you go, be sure to experience a sense of calm wash over you when you enter the Lady Chapel.

Shop 'til you drop

Whatever you're after, you're bound to find it at one of the 170 shops, bars, and restaurants in Liverpool ONE.

You'll find Victoria’s Secret, Armani Exchange, The White Company, John Lewis & Partners, along with the only Beauty Bazaar Harvey Nichols in the UK.

It's easy to get to - just hop off the train at James Street or Moorfields before you get ready to fill up those shopping bags. Pick up some treats to remember your wonderful weekend in Liverpool or to give people back home.

We'd recommend a delicious, refreshing ice cream in the outdoor area and a game of ping pong with your partner as the evening sets in.

Watch the romantic sunset and hear the outdoor pianos played by amateurs who fancy giving a tune. The wind will stir gently through your hair as you enjoy the astonishing view of the River Mersey from the open green area.

Your favourite time has come - food!

Cuthbert’s Bakehouse is the place to go for some mouthwatering treats.

You'll love seeing the selection of delicacies on offer, including the delicious red velvet cupcakes. Or tuck into the sumptuous coronation chicken, served on vintage pastel china with a nice cup of warm tea.

We recommend sitting beside the window so you can people-watch as you browse the wide variety of food on the menu, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

There's also a New Yorker version of a traditional afternoon tea with mini-subs, hot dogs, cheesecakes, and more.

Visit Chinatown

Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, and Chinatown is the perfect place to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Smell the delicious fried rice, and tuck into some chicken chow mein at the stalls dotted all around. You've got everything you need right here for an authentic taste of Chinese cuisine.

Liverpool is actually twinned with the beautiful city of Shanghai where the stunning entrance arch was made.

Excellently crafted, it's the most magnificent Chinese arch outside of China. See the 200 dragons on the wooden and marble construction, shipped from Shanghai and rebuilt by craftsmen from China when it arrived here in Liverpool.

There are plenty of places to find delicious Asian food. Pull up a chair and enjoy a meal you won't forget, with a cool drink to wash it all down.

Fun outdoor activities

If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, why not try skydiving with the help of the Black Knights Parachute Centre?

Feel the wind rushing past when you fly like a bird from 7000ft, 11,000ft, or 15,000ft. You can even raise money for charity while you're doing it - jump for a cause close to your heart or select a charity from the company list.

Spread your arms and feet out and say cheese to your cameraman who'll be videoing your exhilarating experience, giving you plenty of pics to show to friends and family when you're back home.

A trip to the seaside

Visiting Liverpool isn't all about the city - there's actually plenty of beaches to explore here too.

We suggest finishing your trip off with a 40-minute drive to the charming seaside town at Southport Beach. You'll get some gorgeous pics here to remember a wonderful weekend away together.

Walk along the soft warm sand before choosing a spot to sunbathe for a while. Or take a dip in the sea and feel yourself float along under a blue, cloudless sky. What a serene way to end a busy weekend.

Once you're back home, we're sure you'll be planning your next adventure to Liverpool and we can guarantee there's so much more to see.