Five creepy ways to spend Halloween in London

26 October 2022

Crisp, crunchy leaves are filling our streets, photos of families hugging at pumpkin patches are starting to adorn our Instagram feeds, and there’s a definite chill in the air. It’s official: Halloween is almost here.

Across the capital, you’ll find plenty of frightening ways to celebrate this ghostly season, from hair-raising attractions to terrifying tours. But if you need a little inspiration, we’re here to help.

Here are five creepy (and fun, we promise!) ways to celebrate Halloween in London this spooky season. Happy haunting!

1. Horrible Histories Terrible Thames Boat Tour

London is a notoriously haunted city, and now you can uncover the dark history of some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks by conveniently being led down the Thames by the cast of Horrible Histories.

The world-famous landmarks of The Tower of London and Tower Bridge are just some of the stops on your Horrible Histories extravaganza.

2. Explore the Tower of London

Speaking of the iconic Tower of London, why not visit this legendary landmark during Halloween? Watched over by the grounds’ iconic shiny, black ravens, follow in the footsteps of notorious prisoners, and explore the site at the creepiest time of the year.

During the Halloween season, you’ll experience an engaging, interactive, family-friendly adventure featuring eerie sound effects and enthralling projections you’ll struggle to tear your eyes from.

If you listen very carefully, you’ll hear the disturbing murmurs and mutterings of Walter Raleigh brewing deadly elixirs or the frightening tales of George, Duke of Clarence, and Everard Digby, who spent the last days of their lives within the timeworn walls.

3. Enjoy bevvies in a haunted London pub

As one of the most haunted cities in the world, it comes as no surprise that some of London’s spookiest spots are also some of the oldest and most visited: of course, our much-loved pubs.

A low-key way to celebrate Halloween in the capital could be simply popping into one of London’s most unnerving drinking haunts to rub shoulders with friends, locals, and visitors in scary surroundings.

You've got plenty of choices when it comes to haunted pubs in the capital. One of London’s most notorious haunted pubs is The Ten Bells, found on Shoreditch’s busy Commercial Street.

The Ten Bells is famously ‘home’ to one of Jack the Ripper’s unfortunate victims, Annie Chapman, who was savagely murdered after an evening drinking at the pub. Rumour has it landlords, pub workers, and guests have noticed signs of paranormal activity at this popular haunt, with many people believing Annie’s ghost to still frequent the pub to this very day.

Or head to The Grenadier in Belgravia for some spooky sitting. The pub was originally built to house The Grenadier Guards in the 1970s.

Lower-ranking officers began to frequent the cellar for secret drinking and gambling. Apparently, a soldier called Cedric was barbarically beaten to death after being caught cheating at card games.

The story has it that unusual footsteps and mysterious moans have been heard ever since. Objects have also disappeared – particularly during the month of September, which was when Cedric was murdered.

Pop into The Grenadier for a pint or a glass of coke and observe the ceiling. It’s covered in bills from people wanting to help Cedric pay off what he was owed, and newspaper clippings of eerie sightings framed over the walls. Spooky or what…

4. Follow the footsteps of Jack the Ripper

During the autumn of 1888, London’s East End streets were encumbered with terror. A mysterious murderer dubbed Jack the Ripper had stalked and murdered at least five women in Whitechapel during what was later known as the Autumn of Terror.

While Jack the Ripper tours run daily year-round, the best time to follow the footsteps of this famous murderer’s killings is, of course, during spooky season.

On this spine-chilling tour, you’ll visit the murder sites when the Canonical Five victims were brutally killed, observe Whitechapel through the eyes of a notorious killer, and examine the Ripper’s known victims in detail. Expert ‘ripperologists’ and true crime enthusiasts will be your guides, leading you through the beating heart of East London to learn more about one of the world’s most notorious and mysterious murders.

Proceed if you dare.

5. Visit the London Dungeon Halloween Show

London’s spookiest spot just got even scarier. This Halloween, the famous London Dungeon has launched a brand new, petrifying show called ’50 Berkeley Square’, taking place in the attic of the most haunted building in London.

In the blood-curdling, heart-thumping style of the true crime podcasts we all love to listen to nowadays, the show will attempt to uncover the various unexplained and frightening happenings that occurred at the house. These freaky phenomena include the spirit of a young girl killed by her servant and a heartbroken ghost that reportedly still drifts the halls.

Part of the establishment will be transformed into a grisly attic featuring abandoned children’s toys, old boxes, grimy sheets, and a creaking rocking horse (why do rocking horses always seem so scary?).

Not only that, but you’ll also have access to the standard ticket features. That means you can meet famous freaky faces like Sweeney Todd, Mrs Lovett, the Plague Doctor, and, of course, Jack the Ripper through the attraction's shows and performances.

Well, if you’re hoping for a horror-filled Halloween this year, it seems there is no shortage of freaky events, tours, and establishments. Enjoy, and we hope we haven’t scared you too much with this list.