Fun in the sun this weekend - perfect weather for the perfect day out

15 April 2022

Are you hoping to take the little munchkins out for a rewarding weekend? Or planning to spend the day with someone special? From blood pumping activities to peaceful afternoon walks, find the perfect thing for you.

Bathe on the beach

Brighton Beach is the perfect place to meet up with friends or reward your family members with a well-deserved break.

There's nothing better than a relaxing afternoon at the beach on a hot summery day. After all, beaches and summer are a marriage made in heaven like ice cream and a flake.

While walking along the sands, remember the sweet moments you had visiting the beach as a kid; reminisce about your childhood days at the beach.

Meander through the magical gardens

At Norwich’s Plantation Garden, transport yourself back to the Victorian era, a time of royalty and revolution.

While inhaling the scent of summer, you’ll walk through paths paved with flourishing flowers. Surrounded by peace and tranquilly, this garden makes the ideal spot for a picnic of afternoon tea fit for royalty.

Explore the endless amounts of architectural features from a 60ft Italianate terrace and 30ft Gothic fountain to restored rustic bridges and picturesque walkways.

Up for a challenge?

Put your skills to the test at the Cornish Wave Surf & Adventure activity centre. It’s the perfect spot to ride waves.

Absorb the beauty of Newquay as you journey across its fascinating coastline. Picture the fresh wind brush within your hair as you glide across the waves.

Don’t know how to surf? No problem. Why not take one-to-one surf session with an experienced surfer. Soon you’ll be confident in no time!

Oh Deer!

Visit the Bolderwood Deer Sanctuary in Hampshire, where you’ll cast your eyes upon green meadows dotted with brown deers. Chuckle when the kids get excited after spotting Rudolph with their little binoculars.

Surround yourself with wonderful wildlife like shrubs, trees and coppice by taking a refreshing walk after you’ve had something to eat.