Love Bath? We've Got Just The Day For You

15 February 2022

From the moment you step foot onto the streets of Bath, the city’s charm wraps you up in an enchanting embrace.   

From the gothic spires of Bath Abbey to the long streets of honey-coloured buildings running throughout the entire city – it’s impossible not to fall in love with the place.  

Making Bath a home

That’s exactly what happened to Douglas Westcott. Arriving over 30 years ago, it wasn’t long until the charm of Bath had worked its magic, and he was calling the city his home.   

Now the author of two novels, set to become a trilogy, his works encapsulate everything about the city that stole his heart all that time ago.   

They intertwine fiction and reality, a tale conjured up by Westcott based on his own experiences that takes place on the very streets he’s come to adore.  

A trip to the local coffee shop 

Whether you’re visiting Bath for the first time, you’ve called the city home for years, or happen to fancy learning more about its fascinating history – you’ll find it from the first page of Go Swift and Far.   

If you haven’t already got yourself a copy, head to Waterstones on Milsom St to pick one up.   

You’ll be tempted to get stuck into the story right there and then. But hang on for just a moment. We know the perfect spot.   

Take the short walk from Milsom St right onto New Bond St and you’re immediately met by the inviting smells of freshly roasted coffee.   

From university romance to independent coffee shop, the owners behind Kekolo Coffee have their own remarkable story.  

What’s the order? A steaming flat white? Warming chai latte perhaps? Or how about the Dark Mint hot chocolate?   

The finest Belgian chocolate combined with smooth, silky milk – it’s pure decadence in a mug.  

Enjoy the quieter moments of life

There’s something decidedly comforting about reading in a coffee shop, especially when it’s Kekolo’s.   

With the sounds of steam wands and excited customers filling the background, you’ll soon be losing yourself in Westcott’s tale.  

Time slips by, your drink needs topping up, and with every turning of the page – your fascination and love for Bath grows.  

Sometimes a slower adventure is needed, filled with delicious drinks and an enchanting novel. Your day in Bath, with Go Swift and Far tucked under your arm provides just that.   

After you’ve been to Bath once, thoughts of this marvellous city are never far from your mind.  

Luckily, Westcott’s second book is already out, with the third on the way – two more reasons to start planning your return the first chance you get.  

Get your signed copy

Signed copies are available from Waterstones on Milsom Street in Bath. Or you can order by phone now on 02080 505682 and delivery will be arranged for you.