Spend A Weekend In The Heart Of Wales At This Stunning Treehouse

17 January 2022

Since last year, almost everyone who has been inclined to get away for a holiday had to come across a treehouse experience.

It can’t be any coincidence that treehouses appear to be the fourth in line in the list of options on the Airbnb website nowadays.

The market alternates according to peoples’ hunger and for some time now, people are hungry for remote places where it feels safe and sound.

A new kind of adventure 

Never been camping? Have no idea how one could possibly fall asleep without a roof? Don't worry, this experience is suitable for advanced tourists and curious beginners.

If you’re one of those who see a treehouse holiday as the equivalent of a K2 hike for people who just purchased their first Salomon shoes, you are probably not alone.

One way how to ease your anxieties before you sign up for a trip like this is to bring someone who has more experience with overnight stays in nature.

Or, if you’re likely to be a sort of gloating person when it comes to new adventures, you’re welcome to take a friend whose hiking experience is even lesser than yours!

Into nature

Snowdonia represents the largest National Park in Wales and it covers more than eight hundred square miles of beautiful landscapes.

There are six (so far) extraordinary Living Room Treehouses situated in Snowdonia National Park, one of which is called Pen-Y-Bryn.

For those without Welsh roots or knowledge, Pen-Y-Bryn means ‘top of the hill’ and it is conveniently chosen.

Remember to pack light

Starting with your booking confirmation, you will be receiving emails full of instructions and practical advice on ‘how to pack your staff’ and what can come ‘handy’ on your forthcoming trip. The most important of them all is to pack light. Seriously.

Once you arrive, you will be properly welcomed and you will get a cute wooden cart for your baggage.

It’s a 20-minute walk from the car park but don't be fooled, you are not going to be able to take the cart with you all the way up to your new temporary home.

Unless you are, by any chance, trained in running with weights − please, follow the recommendations because it feels like a never-ending march up to Pen-y-Bryn!

And if you are likely to be anxious about being hungry in case you won’t take enough food, don't be. There is an honesty shop where you can refill your supplies later.

Perfect place for everyone

This place will grip your heart whether you seek serious mountain walking or just rest in peace. Snowdon, the highest and the most famous mountain in Wales is just an hour and a half from your treehouse.

If you don't mind driving a little further, you can also make a trip to Aberdovey and walk along the beaches.

Fancy being tucked up in a bed the whole day with a perfect view? No problem, there isn’t a better place than this cosy little house.

Besides, there are plenty of great things to do – reading long-awaited books from your reading list, having tea on the porch while listening to rustling leaves moving in the wind, or night sheep observation!

Yes, even if you are prepared to see all the strangest, diverse species around the treehouse, even then you’ll be surprised when you spot a flock of sheep wandering around trees on your way to a compost loo cabin at night.

There’s only one thing you have to care about when at home, and it’s to keep on top of not running out of wood.

Wood is the most important source in your treehouse since it provides heat and warm water for the sink and shower. And you definitely don’t want to underestimate your outdoor-shower temperature.  

But don’t worry, it’s a super easy task with a big shed full of wooden chunks just outside your dreamlike house.

The place is designed for an unwind, solitary experience. Going deliberately on an off-grid holiday nowadays seems to have a veil of extreme adventure.

Don't miss this opportunity and let your tasks rest just for a little while. Missing signal and electricity is considered a valuable part of the stay.