The Ultimate Beatles Pilgrimage - A Two Day Magical Mystery Tour of Liverpool

22 July 2022

I want you to think of any band who has had more of an impact on music than The Beatles, (please don’t say One Direction!) you can’t think of one can you? That's because The Beatles not only have sixteen of the top one hundred most successful songs in chart history but they also have (according to Rolling Stone Magazine) four of the top ten best albums of all time.

Stats aside, they are also musically brilliant with songs such as ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’ standing the test of time as British favourites sung at protests, football matches and weddings all over the UK and beyond. 

So, for any Beatles fan, or any fan of good music, a trip to Liverpool should be on your city break bucket list. This talented musical metropolis was named by The Guinness Book of Records as “The capital of pop music”, meaning natives here have more of a chance at getting a number one hit than any other city in the UK. But for those of you just visiting, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in melodious magic and you never know, Liverpool’s musical genius might just rub off on you…

Day One

St Peter’s Church, the place where it all began…

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre you’ll find St Peter’s Church. The church is a must-see for two reasons. It’s where destiny decided that Paul McCartney and John Lennon would first meet (at a church fete no less) and secondly, it’s where the grave of Eleanor Rigby (inspiration for one of the band’s biggest hits) rests. Beyond a plaque on the community centre wall and the grave itself there isn’t much else to see here, but it’s worth a look just to stand and transport yourself back in time to where two of the greatest songwriters of all time met, creating a pivotal moment in music history. 

The Beatles Museum

Your next must-visit stop has to be The Beatles Museum. This is a treasure trove of never-before-seen personal artifacts from the band and those that knew them. Nowhere in the world is so much Beatles memorabilia displayed in one place and this three levels museum (located on the famous Matthew Street, right opposite The Cavern Club) is packed full of historical goodies that fans will love.

The Beatles Museum has a collection of over 1000 authentic items from the band's guitars to the white cello from the film ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ and personal letters from the fab four themselves. This exhibition takes you on a rock and roll tour through the band’s history, one priceless item at a time, adding fascinating insight into the story of the biggest band to walk the Earth.

The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is where The Beatles found their feet in the early 1960s. Originally a jazz club, The Cavern quickly became the heart and soul of the thriving Liverpool music scene, at one stage becoming the most publicised music venue in the world. As well as The Beatles, the club has hosted musical royalty such as Cilla Black, Queen, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who as well as modern acts such as Adele and The Arctic Monkeys. This iconic venue is known as the ‘original’ Cavern Club as it was taken over by British Rail and closed in 1973 to make way for a ventilation shaft which was never built. 

The new Cavern Club is located opposite the original and is a fantastic spot to grab a drink or a meal whilst listening to some local live music. The venue hosts Liverpool's annual ‘Beatle Week’ which features bands from over twenty countries as well as a variety of Beatles-themed walking tours around the city. 

Day Two

The Beatles’ Childhood Homes

What better way to get inside the creative minds of Paul McCartney and John Lennon than by visiting their childhood homes. Owned by the National Trust since 1995 (20 Forthlin Road) and 2002 ('Mendips') these homes are where Paul and John chatted, shared ideas (and ideals) and wrote some of the best songs the world has ever heard. Each ticket combines a visit to both Paul McCartney’s  and John Lennon's childhood homes and entitles you to a two-hour tour. You will need to pre-book your visit and wait for the minibus at either Speke Hall or Liverpool South Parkway, this is the only way to get inside each of the homes. Visitors who turn up directly at the houses will not be given access. 

Penny Lane

Ever wanted to be in a Beatles music video? All you need to do is film yourself strolling down Penny Lane and you’re halfway there. It’s best to start at the top end of the street so you can see the sign which was autographed by Paul McCartney himself back in 2018 before moseying along past the barbershop, which is still there to this day! It’s worth stopping off at the Penny Lane Development Trust to see The Beatles-inspired mural and grab some souvenirs from the gift shop. The friendly staff are always on hand to advise on the local area with some added stories about the fab four thrown in for good measure. 

Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field is a space dedicated to the place which inspired one of The Beatles’ most popular and surreal songs, Strawberry Fields Forever. In his youth, a pesky John Lennon would trespass onto the grounds, of what was then a Salvation Army children's home, to play and explore. Still in the care of the Salvation Army, the site now boasts an exhibition, a shop, an immersive garden walk and a cafe. Here you’ll find a moment on your pilgrimage to reflect or at the very least enjoy a delicious slice of cake.

The Beatles Statue

Before you leave, why not take a walk down the Waterfront to see The Beatles Statue. This is your chance to have a picture with the band at Liverpool's most popular selfie spot. Here you will find them frozen in time at the height of their fame, unaware of the impact that they still have on the world today. No one will ever see The Beatles together again, but the iconic four-piece live on in their musical legacy and the city that nurtured them.