These Fabulous Places Are Why Bath Will Be Your Next Romantic Getaway

4 August 2021

You usually hear people talk about the Christmas markets in Bath leading up to the big day, but the city is spectacular all year round.

Particularly perfect for a romantic weekend getaway, you’ll surround yourself with breathtaking architecture and grandeur among rich history, peeking at the stunning shop windows and enjoying the views of Bath Abbey.

Book the train tickets, pack some cosy knitted jumpers, and now all that's left to do is see where this incredible adventure takes you.

Where should you stay?

Gorgeous hotels and boutique guesthouses are plentiful here. Struggling to choose just one place to stay in the city centre?

Probably the most famous is The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, located on the picturesque Royal Crescent that overlooks Royal Victoria Park. It’s quite simply impressive from every aspect with its impeccable service, heritage, and elegant interiors.

Bask in the sunshine wandering through the manicured gardens, and indulge in fabulous treatments with a glass of champagne at the Taittinger Spa Garden.

Another superb choice is The Bird, Bath, which shows the creative spirit of the city and uses its playful personality, colourful design and excellent service to provide guests with an understanding of what makes Bath tick.

“The hotel is set in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bathwick for a local’s experience of the city, yet is just a short walk from all of the best attractions,” says Ashley Ely, The Bird’s general manager.

You’ve arrived, made the journey from Bath Spa train station, and you’re ready to grab everything Bath has to offer. So, where should you begin?

Friday night

If you decide to stay at The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, we recommend dining at Dower House Restaurant, where you can share a bottle of wine overlooking the serene gardens and enjoy the experience of fine dining.

Or maybe you prefer the atmosphere at The Bird, Bath? Head down to the bar for drinks before making your reservation at the hotel’s restaurant, Plate.

“Plate offers exceptional dining in the city, with its focus on honest British dishes created with the very finest of local produce,” says Ashley.

“Whether for a relaxed lunch, celebratory afternoon tea or indulgent evening meal, it’s welcoming with a sense of fun.”

Saturday: adventure and charm awaits

We’re sure you won’t have had a huge amount of sleep from the excitement – there’s so much to see here, you’ll want to be sure you fit in as much as possible.

You’ve probably got lots of ideas rolling around in your head about what to explore first, so we’ve taken the liberty of mapping everything out for you.

In & Beyond Bath

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to explore the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge or the spiral country lanes of the picture-perfect Cotswolds? An In & Beyond Bath tour is truly an experience you’ll treasure forever.

Hop on the Stonehenge tour to visit this iconic landmark. You’ll meet other wanderlusters to make friends with as you start the tour outside the Bath Visitor Information Centre.

A local expert at Stonehenge will tell you all about the secrets of the stones, followed by lunch at an ancient country inn among delightful locals, and a quintessential English countryside tour.

Mary Shelley’s House of Frankenstein

If you'd prefer to stay in Bath for the day, see if you can pluck up the courage to come face-to-face with Frankenstein and his eight-foot monster. While living in Bath, the famous author wrote Frankenstein, the world’s first science fiction novel.

Here, you can experience all factors of what Mary Shelley’s life was like, as well as all things Frankenstein – there’s even a Laboratory Escape Room to see how you handle the pressure!

Fashion Museum Bath

Time for something much more light-hearted to end the day! Just a four-minute walk from Mary Shelley’s is the Fashion Museum Bath.

A fashion historian by the name of Doris Langley OBE founded the museum, previously called The Museum of Costume, in the early 1960s and more than 100,000 visitors come to view spectacular collections every year.

We think you’ll be in awe of the Shoephoria! exhibition which features a diverse mix from Queen Victoria’s boots from the 1850s, to Nicola Adams' dancing shoes from Strictly Come Dancing, and a pair of red velvet mules dating back to the 1690s - the oldest pair of shoes in the museum.

Be inspired by the tailored coats, silk robes and other regency garments from fashion houses like Christian Dior and House of Worth also on display here.

Dinner at The Ivy Bath Brasserie

Marvellous interiors and all-around exceptional service is what makes The Ivy Bath Brasserie extra special.“We pride ourselves on being more than just a great place to eat out,” says Davide Scudellari, general manager at The Ivy Bath Brasserie.

“We have a beautiful outdoor terrace, perfect for a romantic alfresco dinner or bespoke cocktails.”

From beginning to end, you’ll feel as though you’re the centre of the server’s attention as they make sure everything is catered to what you want. But what food will you decide on?

The huge choice of dishes, from traditional to the more daring combinations, will keep you debating over the menu for some time.

“The Ivy Bath Brasserie’s varied menus, created by The Ivy Collections executive chef, Sean Burbidge, are created using seasonal and locally produced food, and designed to offer an eclectic mix of classic British cooking with a modern twist,” says Davide.

Sunday: The last full day

There are still so many more things you must experience to complete your visit to Bath. Be ready early to explore as much as possible for your last day.

After breakfast, leave the bags at the hotel lobby and head straight out – the first stop of the day will leave you feeling tranquil and relaxed.

American Museum & Gardens

Jump in a cab and head to these glorious gardens. You’ll be inspired by the 125 acres of stunning beauty.

We suggest taking some time to explore all the hidden coves and treasures before heading inside, where you’ll get to see one of the biggest collections of American artefacts outside the US, from colonial textiles to Civil War weapons.

You must also venture to the magnificent Shooting Stars photography exhibition by model and actress, Carinthia West.

Become immersed in the lifestyle shots and portraits of rock stars and actors during the 1970s, taken in both the UK and America, with the likes of Anjelica Huston, Mick Jagger and George Harrison.

Now would be the perfect time to stop at The Garden Café for some tea and sweet treats before heading back to the city centre, overlooking the picture-perfect Limpley Stoke valley and serene gardens.

Bath Abbey & The Roman Baths

It was probably the first thought that came to mind when you both agreed Bath would be your next romantic getaway.

Even walking through the reception hall, you’ll instantly feel as if you’re a part of the magnificent history here.

Although you can’t use The Roman Baths anymore, you’ll still feel the magical atmosphere throughout, especially when you gaze admiringly at the late 19th-century sculptures on the terrace, and looking down at the steaming hot spa water in the Great Bath.

Once you’ve finished your tour, it’s time to venture through a landmark you’ve more than likely seen from a distance during your weekend.

It’s magnificent in stature, and Bath Abbey is filled with centuries of fascinating history.

After you’ve taken in the architecture, see how many of the 635 memorials on the Abbey walls you’re able to spot, and follow all 56 scenes showcasing the story of Jesus at The Great East Window.

When you’re back outside, you must stop at Jack’s of Bath across the way for some adorable souvenirs.

Regal-inspired cushions, one-of-a-kind teddy bears and unique teapots could be wonderful gifts for a loved one’s birthday!

Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House: Try a Bath delicacy

Before picking up your bags from the hotel and making your way to Bath Spa train station, we recommend stopping at the very popular Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House, a house that dates back to 1482.

It’s worth making a reservation beforehand so you’re not turned away after waiting in the long queue outside.

“It’s the oldest house in Bath and is staffed by a wonderful team who understand their role in honouring the history,” says Jonathan Overton, owner of Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House.

The menu is based around the infamous bunn that you must try for a quintessential Bath experience. “It’s not really a bunn - more of a festival bread that carries sweet and savoury accompaniments,” says Jonathan.

When will you next visit Bath?

As you head to the station, the memories you’ve created here will make you think about when you can schedule some time for another weekend in Bath.

There’s so much to experience, and the feel-good, warm atmosphere must be enjoyed for many more romantic getaways.