Things to do and days out in South Devon

7 June 2022

South Devon is a great destination for people of all ages. Whether you're looking to take it easy or spice up your visit with some adventure, there are plenty of things here to suit any interest and taste.

The region has attractions like museums and historical sites as well as some pretty beautiful beaches where visitors can enjoy sunbathing on warm sand during summertime months and taking a refreshing dip all year round. Cold water swimming has become really popular down in South Devon in recent years!

Even though this area is famous for its beaches and coastline, South Devon isn't all about the sea. Travel a little further inland and you'll be met by some pretty glorious landscapes.

We'll show you...

Beaches, beaches, beaches

The South Devon Coast is a treasure trove of England's beauty. With over 120 miles worth or stunning coast, there are more than 50 beaches that can be explored and enjoyed - some secluded coves where you'll only see waves crashing on rocks while others have large sandy shores perfect for sunbathing.

Some of our favourite beaches have got to be Bantham Beach, Dawlish Warren, Hope Cove, and of course, Beer Beach!

So many things to do


There are hundreds of places to visit across South Devon, whatever your interests. Whether you’re into history and culture or just want an adventure there's something for everyone.

You can enjoy the great National Trust properties as well as English Heritage sites – from theme parks, zoos, water parks, basically, South Devon is a staycation haven.

South Devon is also the ideal place for those who love exploring on foot and bicycle. The sandy beaches are just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of quirky towns, and you'll find wide open spaces too with miles of hiking trails that lead into nature's backyard. 

If walking is your thing, definitely get your boots on the South West Coast Path. It's a stunning stretch and the perfect way to journey your way through this picture-perfect region. 

Unsurprisingly, South Devon is also a hub for water sports – surfing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, windsurfing.

Whether you're visiting as a family with young children, older children, with your partner, friends or going solo, you're bound to find lots of things to do to fill your days out. 


Picturesque towns and villages

When you're out for a drive, a cycle or following the footpaths in South Devon, stopping to eat lunch is essential. And we all know there's no better way than finding that traditional pub in a pretty town or quirky village with delicious food and great drinks.

Thankfully, South Devon is brimming with places to visit and rest your tired legs (less so if you're driving, but any excuse for a pub pitstop). 

There are far too many beautiful places to recommend all in one go, but here are a few pretty perfect ones, Dawlish, Totnes, Okehampton, Teignmouth and Dartmouth. 

And any other places you happen to pass through on your visit, but don't have quite enough time to stay long, add them to your list for your next staycation!