To The Bakery... And Beyond!

8 November 2021

What’s cooking?

There’s not much that can compete with the smell of fresh bread right out of the oven.  

Whether it’s in your own home or you’re swinging the door open and heading into your favourite bakery, the wave of toasty perfection you’re met by never fails to get your stomach growling and mouth salivating. 

And although it may seem simple at first, just flour, water, salt, and time – if you’ve ever had a go at baking a loaf yourself, you know just how tricky it can be.  

From sourdough to a hearty, yeasted white bloomer, with every different type of bread comes a different set of skills required. 

We’re all about giving it a go yourself, and not being defeated by failure. But occasionally leaving the mixing bowl in the cupboard and bag of flour tightly shut isn’t the worst decision to make.  

Because it means you’ve got the whole day ahead of you to spare, and the bakeries of London are waiting to treat you to all the deliciousness of artisanal treats, without getting your hands covered in all the dough.  

Best of all, the bakeries in this itinerary have an impact that goes beyond the incredible produce they’re treating people to. They’re all working in some way to support the community around them. 

Layla Bakery 

Located on Portobello Rd, the shelves at Layla Bakery are lined with loaves of sourdough bread asking to be torn into and savoured right there on the curbside. 

The incredible thing about Layla Bakery is the ethos behind all their delicious food and drinks.  

They’re “aspiring to a more thoughtful way of life”, working with seasonal produce and keeping traditional methods of baking alive in the modern world.  

Because sometimes the world is so focused on steaming ahead that we forget to look behind us, missing all the knowledge of what came before. 

So, take a wander down to Layla Bakery, wrap up a loaf for home, grab a locally roasted coffee and a pastry and take a moment to savour the everyday, beautiful moments of life.  

Dusty Knuckle

You’ll find The Dusty Knuckle in Dalston, near 40FT Brewery & Taproom.  

With rows of sourdough breads to choose between, from their Potato Sour to the House loaf – don’t be surprised if you end up leaving with a few tucked away in your bag. 

When it comes to bread, sandwiches are never far away, and luckily for us all, The Dusty Knuckle have become experts in that field.  

Grab a charred hispi cabbage sandwich lathered in romesco sauce and topped with crispy onions or switch it up for a classic cheese sandwich with a spicy mustard mayo – our bellies are growling at just the thought of it.  

Whatever it is you’re picking up from the bakery, the team at The Dusty Knuckle have created a space for young offenders looking to transition into responsible professionals.  

They’re giving young people who may have made a mistake the opportunity to rise above their past and make a positive contribution to society.  

E5 Bakehouse

Tucked away under the railway arches below London Fields station, you’ll find E5 Bakehouse.  

Built around Ben Mackinnon’s passion for ecological sustainability, E5 Bakehouse is not only producing some of the finest baked goods you’ll come across – but they’re doing so in a way that’s helping the planet, not harming it. 

The organic bakery focuses on using produce from suppliers they respect and work closely with, ensuring every item they create adheres to their own ideology.  

So, whether you go for the Hackney Wild sourdough, Stockholm loaf, or bag a few pastries for the road – your money is going towards a business who’s conscious about more than just their profits.  

And the simple fact that whatever seems to come out of their ovens leaves your tastebuds fist-pumping in joy, well that just makes a trip to E5 all that easier.  

Treat yourself

Whether you’re stopping off on a weekend stroll for a slice of cake or popping in to grab a loaf for the family to tear into at dinner, bakeries have been spreading the joy of good food for centuries.  

But beyond the simple pleasures of providing delicious food, bakeries like the ones above just show that food is more than food.  

Behind that loaf of bread there are stories of people trying to change the world; by organic local farming; by being a platform for change; for bringing people together.  

And the incredible thing about all that? Anyone who wants to be part of it can.  

It’s literally as easy as treating yourself to a buttery croissant, some jam on toast, or your favourite pastry – and savouring something utterly delicious.