Visit an autism-friendly destination for a day out in the UK

1 April 2022

At, we are an Autism Aware business, and we encourage all others to be.

The autism spectrum is a very diverse one and it is important to remember that every autistic individual will have different needs and accommodations that may need to be made in regards to going on days out.

More attractions than ever before are autism-friendly in some manner and we believe that the actions that a destination may take will speak far louder than any words could. This is why we wanted to highlight a number of attractions who go above and beyond to ensure that visitors on the autism spectrum have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Whether it’s the quiet stillness of the aquariums, or the loud and busy theme parks, there are places in the UK that have gone out of their way to make sure that their environment is safe and accessible for every type of visitor.

Here are just a few of the best autism-aware attractions in the United Kingdom that you can visit with peace at mind knowing that yourself, your child or another family member or friend can visit without the need to worry about any potential stresses, so that you can put your mind at ease and have a good time!

National Marine Aquarium

There’s nothing quite like an aquarium to relax the senses! It can be so calming to watch your favourite sea creatures go about their lives in a calm and quiet atmosphere, surrounded by nothing but the ocean blue water they swim around in. But then suddenly, crowds of people come marching in and with it goes all the peace that you were previously enjoying…

At the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, you don’t have to worry about this! During the year they run special two-hour events for people with autism, as well as their families, where you can enjoy the calm and quiet of the aquarium, uninterrupted by the noise of daily events or any busy crowds.

In these events, you will be able to visit all of the fish, seahorses, jellyfish, rays, octopi, turtles and sharks without the bright screens turned on, nor the hassle of crowds and with the use of more relaxed lighting.

If it’s a quiet sea experience that you wish for, there is no better way to experience all the sights and sounds of the sea than at one of NMA’s “Quiet at the Aquarium” events!

Legoland Windsor Resort

Everybody loves Lego, so if you’re one of the many who’d want to make a visit to Legoland in Windsor then no one would blame you. But perhaps the only problem with visiting Legoland would be exactly that, everybody wants to visit and with how busy it can get, it may very much feel like everybody in the world is there!

But situated in the middle of the leafy calmness of Windsor, Legoland never feels overwhelming. The site also uses a fast pass system and people on the spectrum are entitled to a Ride Access Pass, that means you can skip all the stress that comes with excessive queueing.

Perhaps most excitingly of all is that Legoland Windsor is the first and currently only theme park in the entire United Kingdom to have a dedicated sensory room, aimed for those who are on the spectrum or get overwhelmed easily. Inside the ‘Total Sensory Space’ you will find a room of soft seating and lighting with interactive sensory objects such as bean bags, bubble tubes, interactive projections and infinity tunnels, all inside of a lush UV lighting to help relax the nerves.

Legoland Windsor will make a great and memorable day out for people on the spectrum of any age!

Fairytale Farm

Do you know a child on the spectrum who’s mad for animals and fairytales? Because if so, taking them to Fairytale Farm will surely make their dreams come true!

The lovely scenery of Chipping Norton complements this adorable animal park beautifully. Here you can pay a visit to all your favourite animals, whether it’s the majestic ponies, the fluffy bunnies, Mary’s little lambs, the four Billy goats or mascot Alfie the Alpaca. Your child can also visit the locations from some of their favourite stories like Snow White’s Garden, Jack’s Beanstalk, Rapunzel’s Kingdom, Mother Goose’s Garden Party and even a wishing well!

Fairytale Farm prides itself as a sensory experience and this is perhaps best shown with the Sensory Garden in the Enchanted Walk area of the park. Here, your child can relax and watch the multi-coloured fish swimming in the pond, smell a variety of plants and flowers and listen to the gentle trickling of the mermaid fountain nearby.

A place of pure magic for any child with autism.

The Tower of London

If history is a special interest of yours, then it is highly likely that you’d love a trip to the Tower of London and perhaps some of the other Royal Palaces around and near the city of London.

At a first glance, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that this may be quite the challenge. Visiting some of the most popular tourist attractions in the country in the heart of England’s capital, it’s reasonable to think that this may get overwhelming. 

But you don’t have to worry! The Tower of London has an extensive guide on how to feel comfortable when you make your visit.

Want to see the Crown Jewels without having to queue? Let a member of staff know and you’ll be on your way. Concerned about certain areas being busy at various times in the day? The online guide will let you know where’s busy and at what points, so you can avoid the big crowds. Do you want to experience the sensory side of the Tower? The Medieval Palace section and its interactive attractions will be perfect for you or your child.

Visiting one of London’s main attractions doesn’t have to be an extreme day out! Just book in advance and inform the staff of your needs and put your worries aside as you take in the fascinating, informative and sometimes gruesome history of the Tower of London and the English Royal Palaces!