A Wholesome Getaway To the Magical City Of Belfast

2 March 2022

Béal Feirste – mouth of the sand-bank ford. Or more commonly known: Belfast. 

Northern Ireland’s capital is quickly becoming one of the most spectacular places to visit in the UK. 

Walk down any street and it’s not long until you come across something fascinating.  

Whether that be the faraway melodies of fiddles luring you into traditional Irish pubs, a museum tempting you in to explore the city’s past, or an evening of being wined and dined before heading for a show – Belfast has got you covered.  

And really, that’s just a fraction of what the city has to offer.  

But if you need a place to start, or perhaps you’ve got an evening spare when you’re in the city and you’re looking for something fun to get up to – we’re here to help.  

It’s about time we started then, wouldn’t you say? 

To the city centre

Right in the heart of Belfast, you’ll discover the dramatically impressive City Hall. 

If you’re one for simply strolling around grand buildings and admiring architectural masterpieces, there’s no better place to start your adventure.  

It’s free of charge to enter, so you can mosey in and out for as long or as little as you like.  

The City Hall Exhibition has been a permanent feature at the hall since 2017 and will surely be one of the highlights of your visit.  

Spread across 16 rooms, the exhibition is the story of Belfast, showcasing the city’s past and journey to become the cultural hotspot it is today.  

Taking the time to learn

When you’re visiting new places, learning about their history is an enormous act of respect.  

It not only broadens your mind and deepens your knowledge of the place, but also has the ability to capture your heart. 

Hearing the stories, learning about the people who dedicated their lives to the city – they all combine to create this awe-like sense of a Belfast that’s gone through so much to get where it is today.  

Stained-glass and park strolls

Keep an eye out for the stained-glass windows scattered throughout City Hall.  

From the Belfast Women’s window to the Celtic Myths and Legends, they yet again put the culture of the city in the spotlight, and quite beautifully so at that. 

After a few hours wandering about inside, we think it’s time for some fresh air.  

Surrounding City Hall are memorials dedicated to the city and its people, with beautifully manicured gardens weaving in between.  

When the sun rains down on the city, you won’t find many better places for a sit-down. 

St George’s Market

Head east on May Street from City Hall, and soon you’ll find yourself being drawn to the entrance of St George’s Market.  

Whether that’s by the smells of local produce being whipped into something delicious, or your magpie tendencies to seek out shiny antiques and jewels – that depends on you. 

But there’s also so much more for you to discover.  

From Friday’s variety market to Saturday’s city food and crafts, and Sunday’s mix of the two – if you’ve got a spare couple of hours free on the weekend, you know where to head! 

Indoors or out?

You can’t beat a wander around a new city. It’s often when you discover those little out-of-the-way places you immediately fall in love with.  

But the Golden Mile is there when you need a little bit of guidance to set you off in the right direction. The walkway meanders through Belfast’s Linen Quarter, beginning at City Hall and stretching all the way to the Botanic Park in the Queen’s Quarter. 

Along the way, you’ll pass by places like Ormeau Baths, an old Victorian bathhouse; Naughton Gallery, a place dedicated to showcasing the visual arts with diversity and inclusivity at their heart; and the Botanic Gardens, where continuing your stroll will bring a plethora of natural wonders.  

Nighttime adventures

There’s no doubt along the Golden Mile stretch, you spotted a few places you planned to return to when the evening rolled around.  

If you’re up for spending the night filled with boos and cheers, you might be lucky enough to catch a brilliant pantomime production at the Grand Opera House.  

Or if live music’s more your thing, you’ll find artists covering all kinds of genres making Ulster Hall their home for the evening. Sometimes you just can’t beat dancing the night away.  

Queen’s Film Theatre 

But if you’re ready for a quieter kind of night after a busy day exploring the city, look no further than the Queen’s Film Theatre.  

From old-school classics to the newest releases, hard-hitting documentaries to independent works – Queen’s Film Theatre has been celebrating all things film since they opened their doors 50 years ago.  

Over that time, they’ve established themselves as one of the leading voices in cinema in Northern Ireland, bringing the joy of the big screen to audiences from all walks of life. 

Fibber Magees

Remember those fiddles we mentioned at the start of this itinerary? Drawing you in to warm pubs and off the streets?  

Well, Fibber Magees will do just that. With live music every night of the week, fiddles, pipes, and bodhráns at the ready – whenever you arrive in Belfast, you’ve got a treat waiting for you at Fibbers. 

Plus, they have a classic menu filled with comforting food, so when you start to get a little peckish, that grumbling stomach won’t be a problem for long.  

The lasting spell of the city

When your trip to Belfast comes to an end, the same can’t be said for its spell on you.  

The whole place is alive with a sense of life and passion. Down some streets, you’ll find celebrations of the city’s heritage – through music, art, and museums.  

Then along others, it’s the modern Belfast that comes to light – where new bars, restaurants, and attractions keep a vibrancy pumping through the whole city. 

It’s not just one or the other that steals your heart, but an accumulation of both.  

You might arrive in Belfast for a few days of adventure, but the city stays with you much longer than that.  

When you’re back home, bags unpacked and flicking through your photos, the memories that appear take you back once more to the city’s streets.  

And the great thing about it all? Whether it’s by car, train, boat, or plane – Belfast will be there, waiting for your next adventure.  

All you have to do is get there.