English National Opera

English National Opera

From the powerful voices of actors filling the auditorium to the stirring music produced by the orchestra, the English National Opera never fails to leave audiences in awe.

Behind the scenes

But of course, the productions all start a long time before opening night.

With a mass of the most talented composers, artists and creative team behind the helm – the English National Opera is a culmination of all the talent on and off the stage.

Making the London Coliseum their home at the turn of the 21st-century, they reopened to the public after a four-year renovation – ready to take the West End by storm.

Before the show even begins, as you take your seat in the auditorium – surrounded by the magnificent red and gold interior – you’re immediately swept up in the grand spectacle that is a night at the opera.

Then, when the curtains glide open and the lights dim, the orchestra begins to play and the actors come on stage – you know you’re in for a night to remember.

Everyone’s welcome

The English National Opera has made it their mission to make opera accessible to everyone. They have schemes in place, such as the Under 35s, that allow you to purchase tickets at an incredible rate.

Opera and the theatre are for all – the English National Opera are championing this through schemes like this.

If you’ve never been before and you’ve got a free weekend, why not give it a shot? You’ll certainly be glad you did.

What show will it be?

Shows are ever-changing, so be sure to keep an eye out for what’s coming up. Whatever show you decide on, you’ll want to arrive a couple of hours before showtime.

With a restaurant and four bars to choose from, why not treat yourself to a delicious meal or a few drinks before making your way to your seat?

A night at the opera is a night you’ll never forget. So, make the most of it – dress up as smart as you like. There’s even the chance to stop by the shop and pick up a cool print to take home.

Once you’ve visited once, the temptation to return will be too much and you’ll be back before you know it. Ready for another enchanting night at the opera.

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