Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Immersive LDN

Available to 4 September 2022

PLEASE NOTE: This is an Immersive LDN experience and is very different to an ordinary theatre experience. Visitors are likely to have issues with accessibility and should keep this in mind when booking your visit.  

London Theatre Week Tickets at £15, 25 or £35 (subject to availability)

Valid on selected performances from 25 Feb - 3 Apr 22 (Excluding 25 Feb 18:45 & 19:30, 26 Feb 13:30 & 27 Feb 12:00)


Some say that the West End has been sat in wait for a certain age-defying Gallifreyan to come by and set up shop for far too long.

At Immersive LDN, that’s exactly what’s just happened. And wherever the Doctor goes, trouble soon follows.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is a story that takes you across time, from the 1940’s Blitz and into the modern world. You’ll come face-to-face with Daleks and Cybermen trying to destroy the planet and have to work alongside Time Lords to save the day.

A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, simultaneously opening a rift in space and time.

For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses. Weakened and beaten back as the fracture has multiplied out of control, they’re close to defeat.

They need your help more than you’ll ever know – reckon you can help?

2hr (inc. interval)

Age Description: Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture,
19 South Molton Lane,
London W1K 5LE
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