Undiscovered Beauty Spots In South Wales

17 January 2022

Hidden gems in South Wales – you may have never heard of them, but once discovered, you’ll never forget them!

We’ve set out to explore the undiscovered beauty spots of South Wales and stumbled across the following favourites.

These treasures are all unique in their different ways, undeniably alluring in appearance, and simply a gift to Wales.

Whatever it may be, we’re sure you’ll stand in awe of how stunning and spectacular these views are.

The surroundings welcome you to a world of beauty, filling your mind with picturesque memories long after you leave.

Firstly, we’d suggest you pack a camera. Secondly, allow for plenty of time to immerse yourself in the inviting wonderous nature of South Wales and the hidden gems it has to offer.

Gileston Manor, Vale of Glamorgan

Ever heard of Gileston Manor? If the answer is no, then let us introduce you to an exquisite wedding and events venue set across nine acres in Gileston.

What makes this elegant Georgian Grade II listed manor house so interesting is its steep history. The building has stood large since 1320, with the original historic outbuildings recently transformed to create eight luxury rooms.

Having recently taken a trek to this stunning location, I was in awe of the captivating views and rolling countryside surrounding me.

It struck me that many are unaware of the beauty that lies just miles from their doorstep. Gileston Manor is a hidden gem that can be found within Barry – a discovery that amazes only those who are familiar with this magnificent location.

If you fancy a flying visit, a helipad awaits on the estate to whisk you in. The beautiful building looms large, with the Welsh countryside and coastline just a stone’s throw away.

What strikes me is how well the buildings have retained their 18th-century features, each telling their own story and revealing its unique character.

The extravagant manor house is a real showstopper. It comes as no surprise that couples come here for their special day - the fairy tale dream is guaranteed to be made a reality.

Gileston Manor exudes luxury, elegance, and beauty. One look around, and you can’t help but fall in love.

The luscious landscape and vast greenery make this a beauty spot worth the trip, particularly when the sun beats down during the summertime.

Blaencuffin Canyon, Blaenau Gwent

Blaencuffin Canyon in Blaenau Gwent is a beautiful blue lagoon that can be found nestled within Abertillery and off the beaten track.

Here you can enjoy the rugged Welsh countryside and dip your toes into a clear pool of secluded water.

This picturesque location could easily be mistaken for a painting, or perhaps a postcard! It was an area originally created by open cast mining and later taken over by nature.

I took a trip here one quiet, sunny afternoon, and I discovered what Wales really had to offer. The tremendous views took my breath away in an instant. It’s a treasure trove of beautiful blues and greens and makes for a delightful Sunday stroll.

Please do check local council updates as this area may be off limits to the public during this time. 

Cardiff Bay Wetlands Reserve

Having lived in Cardiff for several years, I was surprised to recently discover a conservation area that lies between the Bristol Channel and Mermaid Quay, located in Cardiff Bay.

This nature-filled stroll, formerly a dockland, is home to a whole host of life, from a diverse array of brilliant birds to tiny insects.

The splendid views are nothing short of stunning during the spring and summer seasons. A boardwalk allows for perfect sightseeing and it’s a great spot for watching fish dance across the clear water.

For those who enjoy a spot of bird watching, don’t forget to pack your binoculars. Aside from being the ideal base for wildlife lovers to descend, it offers a glorious view of the boats bopping from the marina.

Here you can immerse yourself into a place of calm and serenity, and let your mind focus on the gentle waves within the water.

Henrhyd Waterfalls

Tucked neatly away in the Brecon Beacons, this spectacular waterfall is the tallest in South Wales. Plunging an impressive 90 feet, the cascading water reaches a gorge within the Nant Llech Valley.

The Henrhyd falls can be found near the village of Coelbren and can be reached easily through walking along the Nant Llech River.

Unlike other waterfalls, you can choose to walk behind it and admire the water plummet to the wooden gorge from an unusual viewpoint.

This glorious sight stunned me, and the adventurous walk up to the falls only added to the building excitement.

The surrounding Graig Llech Woods is a haven for wildlife and woodland birds, and it’s the perfect route to stretch the legs and breathe in the fresh, cool air.

You can easily explore for hours and you’ll find yourself discovering something new that had previously slipped your eye before.

Time to start discovering

Should you find that your diary has space at some point in the future, it’s wise that a trip to all the above is swiftly pencilled in.

Exploring hidden treasures holds an air of secrecy – an undiscovered beauty spot that is yearning to be appreciated.

Often, it’s the places on our doorsteps that go unnoticed. We travel far and wide to cast our eyes on beauty and nature when it only takes looking closer to home to experience something so wonderful.

We cherish memories. We cherish beauty. I can promise you that these places do a marvellous job of offering the two.

Stick on some suitable footwear and prepare to be inspired by what lies in front of you. We know you won’t you be disappointed. Enjoy!