Spend A Memorable Spring Weekend Exploring Worcestershire With The Family

25 February 2022

With the Malvern Hills to the west, the Cotswolds to the south, and Birmingham to the north – Worcestershire is surrounded by a mix of serene countryside and lively urban areas.

But you don’t have to go searching outside its borders to find all this. Lying at the heart of the county, Worcester brings all the charm and energy of bigger cities and manages to mix them with an enchanting and fascinating history.

And if you’re looking for nature and wildlife, well, you can’t get much better there either. From the Wye Forest to Brendon Hill – nature reserves, woodlands and parks are dotted throughout the whole county.

The turning of the seasons

With the coming of spring, and the charm of Worcestershire on our minds, we reckon there isn’t a better time to pack a bag, gather the family and head out on an adventure.

Nature is starting to awake; flowers are on the cusp of bursting into the world again and the air is filled with an energy that makes you want to get up and go exploring.

So here’s to that! Let the adventure begin.

West Midland Safari Park

You and the little ones have probably seen your fair share of squirrels darting up trees and native birds soaring across the sky. Just outside Kidderminster however, there are a few animals you might not be used to spotting on your daily stroll.

West Midland Safari Park is home to some of the world’s most incredible animals. From the African Plains to Asia’s jungles, lions and tigers to elephants and red pandas – get ready to be awed by these fascinating creatures.

When you head out on the safari drive-through, from the moment your little ones spot the first animal to the time you leave, you won’t see the smile leave their face.

As you travel through the African plains, look out for the stripes of zebra and the tall necks of giraffes. Then, as you make your way into Wild Asia, you won’t be able to miss the armoured Indian rhinos.

The carnivores’ enclosure is always a favourite of the whole family. Watching these animals on TV is enough to instil an unprecedented feeling of awe. But when you actually see a tiger with your own eyes, or a cheetah watching you go by – it’s a completely unrivalled experience.

Whichever animal you and your little ones are excited to see, the king of the beasts – the African lion – is always a breathtaking moment.

They have a casual, chilled out presence as they lie back in the sun. But just by looking at their sheer size and strong bodies, you know that when the time comes, their power, speed and ferocity are unmatched.

Welcome… to Africa

After being in the car for a while, we’re sure you and the little ones will be up for stretching your legs. The African Village is full of the continent’s intriguing animals. In the treetops of Lemur Woods, look out for the different species of lemurs hanging out high above you.

The goats in the African Village have built a rather mischievous reputation over the years. They’re full of character and each has their own unique personality.

Head out on the Goat Walk and you’ll get to meet them for yourself. Be sure to pick up some animal feed before you arrive and you’ll even get the chance to give them a little snack!

There’s enough to do at the park to keep the whole family entertained for the whole day and then some. Travel back in time to the Ice Age or wander through the Land of the Living Dinosaurs and meet some of the fiercest beings to ever walk the planet.

It’s up to you where you go next. Wherever that is, there’ll be more than a few incredible animals to welcome you.

Into the woods

The Wyre Forest lies to the north of the county, stretching over the Worcestershire border and into Shropshire.

We love action-packed days out with the family, but there comes a time when you can’t beat a quiet adventure surrounded by the natural beauty of the UK.

Filled with long pathways, trees arching above and wildlife twittering away, the Wyre Forest instils a peace that we could all do with now and again.

It’s the largest nature reserve in the country, meaning you’ve got enough trails to keep you busy for as long as you like.

Let the kids explore at their leisure, and if you’re up for it, lead the way on one of Go Ape’s treetop adventures. As long as the little ones are one metre tall, they’ll be able to take part too!

Climb up into the canopy and watch their faces fill with pride as they reach the end and shoot off down the Flying Carpet to finish.

Paid parking is available, located just off the A456, three miles west of Bewdley. The postcode is DY14 9XQ. Keep an eye open when you're nearby and you won't be able to miss the signs pointing you towards the car park.

Spetchley Park Gardens

The honey-coloured walls of Spetchley Park immediately conjure up a sense of grandeur. And just like the building itself, its gardens are utterly stunning.

Like the Wyre Forest, just being outdoors and surrounded by breathtaking nature has the ability to fill you with peace. Pathways bordered by plants from all over the world keep you company, bringing a unique beauty you’ll only find at Spetchley.

There are plenty of open fields for the kids to play in too, so be sure to save some energy to join in with them!

You couldn’t arrive at a better time than spring. Flowers are just beginning to pierce through the subtle tones of winter. The sweet smell of pollen, the essence of spring, drifts through the air.

Bright petals and vivid greens weave together in a carpet of sensational colours. Each step you take further into the garden reveals some other wonder that you couldn’t have imagined a moment before.

Filling in the gaps

Depending on timings and how long you stay at the places mentioned, you might have a spare couple of hours on your hands here or there.

Why not go for a mosey around one of the lovely towns? Or drop into Worcester for a quick city adventure? Book a lane at Tenpin Worcester for a family game or head to the cinema for a film on the big screen.

Adventures are valuable in their own right. The experiences we gain lead to invaluable memories.

Family adventures take things a step further. They are the times you look back on fondly years down the line, when your little ones aren’t so little anymore.

So book those tickets. Clear your weekend and tell your family to do the same – an adventure in Worcestershire is waiting.