Get Crafty And Creative: Ten Activities You Can Enjoy In London

25 January 2022

London is one of the creative epicentres of the world and has inspired some of the greatest work in history.

Thankfully, everyone can enjoy a slice of London’s creativity in a whole range of fun activities.

Whether you’d like to have a professional drawing lesson (even if you’re bad at it) or fancy baking peanut butter and banana cupcakes at a vegan baking class, London has a diverse range of creative activities to enjoy.

Here are ten activities you can check out in the capital.

Paint your own ceramic model

On a cute little road off Victoria Park, you’ll find Wonderland Ceramics, an Alice In Wonderland themed creative space where you can paint your own ready-made ceramic.

If you wish, you can even mould your own from wet clay for a more personalised touch (you won’t miss the seriously quirky chandelier made of cups and teapots!)

Think piggy banks, baby handprints, plant pots, and mugs painted in bright, beautiful, and vibrant colours of your choice.

The best part is you get to take your newly painted ceramic home with you – it’s a perfect activity if you’re a family, something out of the ordinary for a couple’s date day, or a therapeutic independent activity.

There’s also a café that serves homemade cakes and tea if you’re feeling peckish. Be sure to book in advance, and prices can vary depending on the ceramic you choose.

Award-winning Asian cooking class

In the heart of London, just a five-minute walk from Leicester Square station is where you’ll find the School of Wok, “Europe’s only award-winning Asian and Oriental cooking school”.

You can probably guess from the name that the school will teach you the art of Asian cooking, particularly focusing on mastering the smoking, sizzling wok.

Choose from their diverse range of full-day classes and seven-day courses, including Dim Sum and Bao, Introduction to Korean Cuisine, Full-Day Thai Cuisine, and Sushi Making Class.

This would make the perfect gift for a foodie friend.

Cocktail making at The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a cocktail bar known for their theatrical, mind-blowing drinks. But what if you and a group of friends could learn to make those very same cocktails?

Now’s the time to find out how it’s all done as they’ve opened their secret recipes and concoctions to the public in their very own cocktail-making class.

You’ll have an experienced mixologist who will take you through all the wonderful steps to make a seriously good (and delicious!) cocktail.

Get ready to mix and drink! The classes run for 60-90 minutes depending on the size of the group.

Vegan baking class at The Avenue

At The Avenue Cookery School in Wandsworth, it’s not difficult to bake a cake that is both vegan and delicious at their vegan ready steady bake class.

In this three-hour baking session, you’ll learn how to bake super fluffy and scrumptious vegan cakes without all the eggs, butter, and milk.

Chocolate brownies, banana and peanut butter cupcakes, carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies are also on the menu. Did I mention you can BYOB to liven things up a little?

Learn how to draw at City Academy

Not everyone is a natural at sketching, but drawing can be both a relaxing and rewarding task that’s open for everyone to conquer.

For those who struggle with art or think they aren’t any good at it, City Academy’s drawing course for beginners is the one for you.

During the all-day course, you’ll “express your creativity, experiment with different mediums, and develop your own drawing technique in a fun and supportive environment”.

You’ll work with still-life set pieces, explore using pencil, charcoal, and pastels, develop techniques with different materials, all with friendly guidance and feedback.

Maybe you’ll discover you’re very much an artist after all?

Pottery at The Kiln Rooms

Ever walk past those pretty shop windows and gaze at the beautiful pottery?

Have you ever wondered who made those stunning plant pots and fruit bowls? Well, what if you could learn to make them?

At The Kiln Rooms in Peckham Rye, they offer beginner and intermediate courses on all things pottery – the incredible expertise you’ll gain here is priceless.

Learn throwing on the wheel, hand building, mould work, decorating and glazing that will set you up for developing your own projects long after this course.

This one is truly an artist’s dream!

Chocolate making class at MyChocolate

The original chocolate workshop at MyChocolate in Regents Canal is like stepping into a chocoholic’s dream.

In two hours, you’ll be introduced to the art of chocolate making. And the best part? You’ll get to eat loads and loads of it!

From creating your own personalised giant chocolate button with cool marble effects to crafting and decorating some indulgent cream truffles, you may feel as lucky as Charlie Bucket.

You’ll learn a little history while getting to sample raw cocoa nibs and 100% pure chocolate along the way. This would work perfectly as a gift for a chocolate-loving friend or an indulgent gift to yourself.

Why not?

Design your own perfume

You can draw at home, cook at home, bake at home, but you’d struggle to make your own floral-scented perfume at home.

This is where The Perfume Studio comes in and sparks the imagination. Be transported to the blissful world of fragrances and learn how to design your very own bespoke perfume.

Combine your favourite scents, from sensual and spicy to candy sweet; decide on your ideal name, and take a 5ml sample home with you.

We recommend adding afternoon tea or a glass of bubbly to your experience.

Just doodling at The Doodle Bar

Here’s where you get to decide whether too many pints and a giant chalkboard to doodle on is a disaster or a match made in heaven.

The Doodle Bar in Southwark serves up tasty cocktails and burgers with a bit of a twist. You’ll have supersized chalkboards to scribble, doodle, or perhaps create a work of art?

It’s entirely up to you.

There are ping pong tables and a football table if you fancy it, and the venue hosts live gigs and creative workshops where you’ll get to mingle and make new friends with some cool locals.

Show off your creative flair

London is a buzzing creative retreat with endless opportunities to explore your crafty side and learn new lifelong skills.

You’ll have loads of fun, meet amazing people along the way in this incredible city.

So, what activity will you start with?