Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

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Woodland walks or rainforest expeditions?

There’s nothing really like stepping foot into Kew Gardens.

At one moment the energy and charisma of old London streets surrounds you. But after your first step into the gardens, suddenly that all falls away, and nature takes over.

A walk through Kew Gardens is a glimpse into the four corners of the world.

Walking under the canopies of the Arboretum is bound to bring with it a nostalgia of your woodland adventures in the UK. As seasons fall one into the next, the 2000 species of trees dance with the winds and never fail to light up the garden in sensational colour.

From the treetops and ancient oaks, a trip to the Palm House is the start of your adventure into the tropics.

The air hits you first – a warm breeze. Then the humidity arrives close behind carrying the smells of exotic rainforests plants.

Down every pathway, extravagant colours fill the glasshouse: from the pure white of the once thought extinct Café marron, to the delicate pink of the Madagascar periwinkle, all the way to the intense green of cycad leaves.

From wild mountains to Japanese gardens

Next it’s a journey into the mountain tops.

The Rock Garden at Kew takes to alpine heights, where you can marvel over plant life from six of the planet’s incredible mountains regions.

Waterfalls cascade down sandstone edges and every inch of the acre the garden covers is truly spectacular.

Japanese gardens have earned a delightful reputation for being places filled with tranquillity and peace. Kew has captured this in astonishing detail.

The Japanese Landscape combines elegance, precision, and natural beauty to create an environment that’s sure to leave you convinced you’ve been teleported all the way to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ itself.

Leading your own way

Kew Gardens reminds you that there’s no rush. It’s the perfect counterbalance to the busy modern world and a way to connect back to nature hard to find anywhere else.

You’re invited to slow down, to take a minute to simply be present and watch the world go by and all the beauty which fills it.

At some point along your adventure, Kew Palace comes into view, stealing all your attention. The red-brick building sits in direct contrast to the green surrounding it, giving the Royal Palace a striking appearance.

It invites you to come closer and step inside. And when you do, you’ll be met by the fascinating world of England in the Georgian period, over 200 years ago.

Check their opening times so you can beat the crowds and take along a map if you’ve got a plan of what you want to see.

Or perhaps just let your feet lead the way and let the adventure go wherever the inspiration takes it.

You might not have time to see everything you wanted at Kew, but don’t worry, nature has a different idea of time and will be waiting for your next visit – as beautiful and peaceful as ever.

Orchid Festival

Celebrate the richness of Cameroon with Kew Gardens' annual orchid festival. Transport yourself to the tropics in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, where our stunning horticultural and artistic displays bring to life the incredible biodiversity of Cameroon.

Don't forget, you can only get into Orchids if you have a separate pre-booked ticket to Kew Garde, it's free of charge and all you need to do is book your timings and show your original general admission tickets sent by us!

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