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Available to 1 January 2025

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Join historian Harvey and local journalist, Sophie, to explore the history behind Britain monarch and the seat of power.


35 Minutes


As you walk over the Westminster bridge towards the palace, you'll peer back at the history of this neighborhood and learn about the key figures and events that shaped Britain into the country it is today.

Walk with Us

  • The Big Ben
    As you stand by the bridge and lookout, Vidi Guides tells you what really ticks Big Ben right.

  • Boadicea and the Romans
    You'll go back in time to 60AD as you hear of the fierce warrior queen of Celts - Boadicea.

  • Westminster Palace
    The birth of the palace, the battle of Hastings. Oh, the stories you'll hear!

  • Kings, Lord and Commons
    As you walk across the Big Ben, get to know the evolution of power in the British Monarch.

  • Churchill and Suffragette
    Get to know the pivotal points and people in modern history while we walk through Parliament Square.

  • Downing Street
    Take a quick peek at the Prime Minister's residence.

  • Traditions
    What's a system without its quirky traditions? Vidi Guides acquaint you with a few before you part ways.

Starting Point

Halfway across Westminster Bridge

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