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Victoria & Albert Museum - Vidi Guides

Vidi Guides

Available to 1 January 2025

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We love stories, and there couldn’t be a better place discover a lot of them under one roof!


35 Minutes


Explore the eclectic and seemingly endless collection of art, culture, and design that is housed in the Victoria & Alberts Museum. This tour is guided by James - an art historian and a museum specialist, and Vidi Guides' local journalist Sarah, who will walk you through the museum’s history, and tell rare stories behind its collections.

Walk with Us

  • For the love of Art
    You begin your venture into the home of over 2 million objects filled with eclectic and diverse origins.

  • Jameel Gallery
    Find a unique curation of Islamic craftsmanship that's home to more than 190000 artifacts.

  • Raphael Cartoons
    You'll talk about this national treasure, its connection to the Sistine Chapel and learn about 'Humanism'.

  • The Bed of Ware
    This gigantic bed bears the brunt of many jokes and references. Get a closer look at its life!

  • View from Dome
    You then pause to get a new perspective and maybe find some more stories in the details.

  • Davinci Notebook
    Then pause again to observe DaVinci's work and learn about the life and mysteries of the artist.

  • Sculpture Gallery
    A conversation about Michaelangelo's work, authorships in the field of art, and a funny story behind Duchamp's 'fountain'.

  • Constable and Turner
    Step into the painting by Maurice and Utrillo, or create your own picture!

  • Tapestries
    Did you know that tapestries tell stories too?

  • Shakespeare's Folio
    Explore one of Shakespeare's first published folio that holds some of his most well-known plays.

  • A myth to end with
    It allows us to charm you with some history and a little bit of mythology before we finally bid adieu.


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